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23. February 2022

How to Improve Cooperation via the OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams

High-quality collaboration, either among teams within a company or with customer, significantly influences business success. To work more effectively, you need to use solutions moving your communication to a higher level. Thanks to the helpers from Microsoft such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, you can share relevant information quickly and securely.

If you have been used to send large attachments via various unsecured storages, it´s a time to look for a more adequate way. New OneDrive functionalities interconnect all your files within the Microsoft 365 services. In the OneDrive Storage, you can share the files from SharePoint and Teams, upload files up to 100 GB, synchronize libraries, etc.

Thanks to the “Add to OneDrive“ function, you can transfer the entire shared content into one place and work with it the same way as if it were stored directly in your computer. It means that you work with the applications such as Word, Excel,  and PowerPoint in real-time on the web site using a mobile device or a desktop computer. The adjustments carried out in the offline regime automatically synchronize at the next connection. Using this simple way, you can communicate with people both inside and outside your organization.

Manage Large Amount of Information via the SharePoint Platform

The Microsoft SharePoint platform is able to improve team collaboration immediately. Already after your employees start to actively use its benefits, there will be more order in your organization, information availability among individual teams will increase and internal processes will be more transparent for all.

Portal solutions built on this platform have already streamlined processes of many of our customers. For instance, we helped O2 Slovakia improve management of the education system and sales network.

“The launch of the O2 WORLD portal completely changed the way we manage and publish information for our sales network. Thanks to the cooperation with Millennium, we moved comfort of users and administrator to an entirely new level.” O2 Slovakia


Another leader in the telecommunication market, Orange Slovensko, has increased productivity of its sales network thanks to the supporting SharePoint tool – the knowledge database. Advantages of digital transformation has been very appreciated by the developing company YIT Slovakia, to which we have delivered a cloud application streamlining the process of commenting and proving contracts.

You can reach whatever you need within one click. All you need is efficient search and elaborated ways of finding out information, professional knowledge and overviews all of which you can procure by implementation of a SharePoint solution.

Improve Communication via the Teams Application

Teams is one of the platforms which started to be used by innumerable number of organizations last year. Remote work has entirely changed the way of work and introduced significant changes. Almost everybody whose nature of work allowed it, had to learn how to collaborate with others in the online environment. Microsoft has helped many of them to overcome the difficult times by making the Teams services available for free for a limited time.

Via this platform, it´s possible to cooperate across several teams. It´s also increasingly used as one of the main project management tools, especially for smaller projects. It´s focused on communication improvement both within the company and towards the customers.

Besides the chat and the possibility of sharing documents and adjusting them directly in the application, Teams is a perfect place for virtual meetings. Microsoft constantly introduces improvements concerning video calls. Innovations has brought more interactive environment for the presenters as well as the audience, so you can create highly professional webinars.

Extensive use of the Teams platform has been already introduced also in our blogs – 3 ITsolutions providing you company with more effective collaboration  or Microsoft Teams as a tool for making phone calls.

If you are considering digitizing your processes, do not hesitate and contact us. Together, we will go through your requirements and propose the best solution for you.

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