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9. April 2018

Idea Management – The Innovation Management Solution

Innovative companies often intend to change the common way of thinking and work and encourage their employees to actively participate in the development of the company. They more and more realize that their own employees are the best experts in particular field and their ideas are considered to be a priceless source of inspiration for their future growth.

Idea ManagementThe application for innovation management

The Idea Management Application based on Microsoft SharePoint Platform has been designed to manage the ideas proposed by the employees themselves. It provides companies with a transparent and objective tool for gathering innovative ideas, their evaluation, analysis and development of the ideas the most beneficial for the company which are to be implemented. A person who has proposed his or her idea has a constant access to the information about its status and gets feedback on updates required.

Idea Management = organised brainstorming

Internal employees have innumerable many innovative ideas every day, which may, without recording them, get lost in everyday routine. Thanks to the Idea Management, they can record their ideas into the application and participate in solving current topics in the companies.

Employees are those who are in direct contact with customers, products, and services. This is the reason why they can offer the best contribution to activities such as:

  • Portfolio, products, and services optimization
  • Development of new products and services
  • Evaluation and ideas improvement
  • Making work processes more efficient.

The process of innovation management via the Idea Management solution

  1. Identification of a need to change and gathering ideas directly from the employees – the innovation management solution ensures transparency and 360-degree view on recorded ideas
  2. Evaluation and improvement of proposed ideas – the outcome of the team collaboration is a decision on implementation of the innovation with the most positive impact on the company and its development
  3. Setup of adopted project for GO-LIVE – the implementation can be launched by formulation of impacts, goals and implementation extent after a more detailed analysis in a wider group
  4. Implementation – implementation into the company environment
  5. Monitoring KPIs – it monitors the impact of the innovation on efficiency, work environment, benefits for business, etc.
  6. Evaluation and recognition of the implemented innovation – presentation of the successful story in front of a wider audience and motivating the employees to propose new innovations and changes. 

Benefits of the Idea Management solution implementation:

  • Implementation of innovative company culture and the system for recording innovative ideas
  • Implementation of new valuable ideas into business and corporate activities
  • Transparency and objectiveness within the idea evaluation process
  • 360-degree view on recorded ideas and their development
  • Different points of view on particular idea thanks to implemented tool and team work
  • Better team collaboration
  • It makes employees visible within the company and their engagement and loyalty is promoted
  • Lower operational costs thanks to optimized processes
  • Optimization of portfolio, products, and services and development of new ones based on suggestions from the employees

Author: Michaela Magátová

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