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5. August 2019

Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for Expat Support

We have implemented a cloud solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the stress put on the Customer Service module to Expat Support, Ltd. Implementation of the system has helped concentrate relevant information on company partners, visa and residence permit applicants in the Czechia and their visa and residence history in one place.

Expat Support Ltd. deals with a wide range of issues regarding immigration for citizens of foreign countries and cooperates with Czech as well as foreign companies employing foreigners. Among the primary services provided by the company belong processing of every type of visa applications, residence and work permits in the Czech Republic, arranging housing, health care services, schools for children and other matters which foreigners in the Czech Republic have to deal with.

A wide range of client requirements is now covered thanks to the new CRM.


Expat Support

Our company has now at hand a well-arranged system which, among other things, notifies us on upcoming deadlines and expirations, helps us solve individual client requirements and speeds up addressing our clients.” Veronika Cyrani, Founder and Managing Director

Processing of individual immigration issues requires accuracy, thoroughness and reliability reflected in the following initial requirements on the system:

  • user transparency and simplicity without a need to repeatedly enter the same data into different parts of the system;
  • tracking the process of solving individual requirements;
  • notifications on important deadlines and expirations during processing of requirements;
  • work with email templates and sending emails to clients on exact terms;
  • dashboards displaying summary of the most important data.

Expat_do clanku-01

Functionalities of the implemented system

Within the first phase of the project, we implemented the solution mostly thanks to an out-of-the-box system feature without subsequent programming.

The outcome of the first phase was preparation of the following functionalities:

  • a standard entity model was adapted within the Customer Service module and some other custom entities were developed helping accommodate the system to the needs of the company;
  • together 26 Business process flows were created in order to solve all kinds of requirements, while each process contains several specific phases and compulsory or voluntary steps navigating a user during processing of individual requirements;
  • lots of workflows automatically creating notifications and email templates were created within the system, which can be used by the users when communicating with clients;
  • the proposed solution allows users to record expenses connected to administration of individual requirements, what can be used as background materials for invoicing outside the CRM system;
  • implementation of simple evidence of working hours;
  • set-up of dashboards containing a detailed overview of agenda and important deadlines.

After finishing the first phase, Expat Support gained a completed solution to which will be, within next phases, added the following functionalities:

  • connection to SharePoint;
  • set-up of SLA for the clients;
  • creation of Knowledge base;
  • other Business process flows;
  • Sales module;
  • automatic invoicing.

The analyses and implementation took 2 months and were managed by the “waterfall” methodology. Communication with the customer ran through the Microsoft Teams platform. Several user workshops and trainings were conducted during the implementation phase, thanks to which the Expat Support employees know how to use the system efficiently.

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