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25. January 2017

Innovative displaying of work processes for O2 Slovakia

For our customers, O2 Slovakia, we have implemented a very practical and innovative functionality within the solution of O2 Svet knowledge database. This is a link between wiki pages and the O2 Svet portal solution with the Microsoft Visio modelling tool for modelling work processes.

Inovatívne zobrazovanie pracovných postupov pre O2 Slovakia

The new feature called Wiki Visio is designed especially for sales staff and customer services, who are in direct contact with end customers. Every day, they sell products and services and deal with a number of customer requirements. They do these tasks with the help of defined work processed, on the basis of what they know how to act in specific situations.

O2 Slovakia employees have work processes stored in document library in O2 Svet in the form of Visio diagrams. The new functionality allows viewing Visio diagram directly from the wiki pages without opening the Visio program, i.e. without having it installed. The user can interactively work with the diagrams directly in the browser – they can zoom them in/out as they wish or click through to detailed items of the diagram which are then displayed in a pop-up window. The pop-up window contains a more detailed description of the procedural step. There is no need to open separate files and search for a description of specific actions in large documents which is also very time consuming.

Wiki Visio pre O2

Linking visual display of work process and a text description of each step is provided directly in the interface of the O2 Svet application, , which makes working with it more convenient and intuitive. 

In connection with the new functionality of displaying work processes, the application search has also been adjusted. In the event that the search results returned to the user link to the work process, by clicking on the result you can display a Visio page of the diagram of the particular process instead of the previously displayed document.

We look forward to the introduction of new innovative functionality for the client who identified us as one of their IT solutions top suppliers.

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