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14. July 2021

Manage innovations via the Idea Management internal application

Microsoft 365 contains services promoting sharing information and cross-team cooperation. Microsoft SharePoint belongs to such services. Applications developed on this platform are helpful in internal development of companies, what can be reflected in better company results.

Innovative business entities often indicate an effort to change regular way of thinking and work by inspiring creative “out-of-box“ thinking in their employees and their active involvement in the company´s development. They more and more realize the importance of their own employees as the best professionals in given area and consider their ideas to be a priceless source of inspiration for future growth of the company.

The application for innovation management

Microsoft SharePoint represent a save spot where you can store, organize and share information whenever and from any device. It simplifies management of loads of documents and other materials with the aim to make them available to the users. It enhances internal cooperation and communication.

It´s possible to build an application for idea management on this platform designed by the employees themselves. The Idea Management application provides companies with a transparent and objective tool for gathering ideas, their evaluation, analysis and development with the positive impact on the company. The employee who has proposed an idea, has constant access to its status and gets feedback regarding necessary updates.


All ideas in one place

You have surely experienced it in your company as well. Employees get tons of ideas during a day. Without recording them, they would get lost in everyday routine. Thanks to the Idea Management, the ideas are recorded in the application and take part in solving current topics.

That´s employees who are in touch on daily basis with the customers, products or services. Their real experience and knowledge can be used to make them participate in activities such as:

  • optimization of product and service portfolio;
  • new products development;
  • evaluation and supplementation of ideas;
  • making work procedures more effective.

What are the advantages of the Idea Management solution?

  • Transparency and a 360-degree view on recorded ideas.
  • Evaluation and supplementation of the proposed innovations.
  • Preparation of the approved project for GO-LIVE – by creation of impacts, goals and extent of the implementation. After a detailed analysis within a wider group, the implementation can be initiated.
  • Implementation – implementation of the innovation into the company´s environment.
  • Monitoring KPIs – tracking of the innovation´s impact on effectivity, work environment, sales, etc.
  • Making employees visible within the organization and supporting them in their engagement and loyalty.
  • Evaluation and appreciation of the implemented innovation – presentation of the successful story in front of wide audience and motivating employees in proposing new ideas for company´s development.
  • Reduction of operational costs by making processes more efficient thanks to the implemented innovations.

If you´re interested in making your processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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