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4. November 2019

PowerApps portals as a revolution in sharing information with external partners

The PowerApps platform belongs to the most significant IT trends influencing direction of today global business. It´s able to meet requirements of smaller customers as well as the largest players on the market. The most frequent dilemmas of customers are related to safe data sharing with external partners.

In previous articles, we have showed you how Microsoft PowerApps can improve your business, as proved based on our own experience, since we have been using these online applications in Millennium for couple of months now.

Currently, we can see a revolution in application development. It´s just the matter of time when rigid software development as we know it will be overshadowed by modern “low-code” development characteristic for the Microsoft PowerApps.

According the studies of Gartner company, in 2024, 75 % of large companies will use at least four systems focused on “low-code” development to maintain flexibility of business. Microsoft is one of the leaders in the field of Low-Code Application Platform.

Development of PowerApps is progressing every day and brings significant competitive advantages. The platform offers even data sharing with third parties.

Microsoft PowerApps portal1

PowerApps portas as a safe storage of sensitive data

Companies using the PowerApps are often asking the question: “How should we share information with third parties? Our partners and customers do not have PowerApps.”

Microsoft cares about the comfort of its customers, that´s the reason why it has introduced a tool able to solve this dilemma.

Microsoft PowerApps portals belong to innovations interconnecting the PowerApps platform with surrounding world. They offer safe access for third parties to your data located in the Common Data Service platform.

What can you get from the PowerApps portals?

Simple inforamtion sharing with third parties

Thanks to the PowerApps portals, it´s possible to create web sites with safer access to your data for your external partners, either anonymously or by authentication via LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook and Google, or other commercial log-in providers.

Web pages can be created also for internal staff, which can join via their company account Azure Active Directory.

The authentication of users can be set, so you can be sure that only authorized persons have access to your sensitive data.

Microsoft PowerApps portal3

Modern templates guarantee a responsive website

Adjustable portal templates and responsive motives enable to easily adjust webs, so their design corresponds to your company branding. Thanks to the portals, you can administer the content available via intuitive interface.

MS Portal

Advantageous integrations with Microsoft services

The portals can be improved by their integrations with Microsoft services such as Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage, Azure AD B2C or Azure Application Insights. Using the above mentioned, you can offer your customers one central place where they can find all important data. The integration makes data sharing more efficient and means one more communication channel.

PowerApps portals are only one of many news which influence heading of online applications. You can find out more about the advantages of artificial intelligence in connection with PowerApps soon.

If you are interested in building applications via the PowerApps platform in you company, we will be pleased to guide your through the entire process. Contact us and schedule a meeting for a free consultation.

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