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7. September 2021

Microsoft Viva, an Employee Experience Platform, Promotes the Hybrid Work Model

Microsoft introduces a platform the aim of which is to improve employee experience. Microsoft Viva consists of four modules which have under control various areas of everyday life at the workplace. This tool provides teams with unified communication and up-to-date information.

Long months, when we worked mostly from our homes, have proven how important is to build employee engagement. According to latest studies, organizations with highly engaged employees show 21% higher profitability.

For many candidates, the option to work from home is one of the crucial criteria when deciding about a new position. The hybrid way of work has become reality for most companies in which you can work remotely.

“Employee demands have changed irreversibly. More than 80% of managers expect more flexible policies regarding work from home after the pandemics and more than 70% of employees plan to use it”, presented Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Viva

During last year, more than 100 new functionalities were added to the Teams services, created with the aim to gain exceptional flexibility. Microsoft Viva represents the first integrated employee platform designed for hybrid work. Jointly, Teams and Viva provide a technological platform connecting people and helping them to work effectively from anywhere.

“We have become a part of the biggest experiment the world has ever seen in relation to remote work which has strong impact on employee experience”, said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, when introducing the Viva platform.

„Every organization will require unified employee experience from their first day, through internal collaboration to constant education and self-development. Viva got together everything what is needed for an employee to be successful from his very first day and put it in the integrated environment of the Teams application”, added Nadella.

Simpler Search for Expertise

“Understanding of common abbreviations used within the company or searching for relevant information can be lengthy, especially for a new-comer or those working remotely. Our study shows that people spend seven weeks a year by searching for or re-creating equivalent information,“ said Spataro.

Microsoft Viva Topics solves the situation. The module organizes corporate content and makes it easier to find relevant expertise. It connects employees with information and professionals within the entire organization. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, it helps employees to develop new skills.Microsoft Viva Topics

It enables to create thematic pages based on related content, relevant conversations and expertise. It automatically displays thematic cards across the Microsoft 365 applications.  Via these channels, employees can find out desired knowledge without the need to arduously search for them.

The Central Storage of Study Materials

Another module, Microsoft Viva Learning, integrates company study materials at one place. Centralized internal as well as external educational resources are one of the ways how to promote development of employee potential or make easier to train new colleagues. The module offers lots of formal and informal education resources which can be used also during working time.Microsoft Viva

Strengthening Corporate Culture and Internal Communication

The Microsoft Viva Connections Module is a sort of a gate to modern environment of engagement designed for everybody to get involved and stay informed. It gathers employee inputs via individually customized information channels. It connects relevant messages, conversations and sources in apps and devices used daily.  Thus, the employees have access to important internal announcements and news immediately. The time which would be spent on searching in emails and other messages can be dedicated to focused work. 

Balancing Work and Leisure

The balance between work productivity and leisure time can be set by the Microsoft Viva Insights Module. Managers are provided with insights on the circumstances which can lead to burnout, e.g., frequent overtimes, overload due to too many business meetings or too little time for undisturbed work.

The module can be integrated with data from third parties´ tools, such as Zoom, Slack, etc. By getting feedback from the employees, the comprehensive view on individual teamwork is available. Right balance between work and leisure results in more effective teamwork which will be eventually reflected in better company results.

Microsoft, as a technology giant, constantly introduces innovations with global impact to the market. Microsoft Viva has potential to become a platform used by companies from various fields. We are glad to have such a strong partner able to inspire professionals around the world.

Zdroj: Microsoft 365 Blog

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