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1. March 2019

Millennium has since March a new Sales Director

From March 1st, we have a new head of sales, Vladimír Jamrich. He is responsible for management of sales and marketing both in Slovak Millennium and Czech Millennium Services.

Vladimír comes to Millennium from the Czechoslovakian IT distribution company SWS, where he held a position of a sales director for Slovakia for 2 years. Before, he spent 18 years in Acer both in Prague and Bratislava as a sales director for Slovakia as well.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to work for Millennium and I am looking forward to new challenges and cooperation with colleagues. Our common goal is not only to continue in streamlining of existing business activities on the Czech and Slovakian market, but also successfully look for and develop new business opportunities also abroad. We want our customers to experience progress together with us. Therefore, we would like to continue with providing the top-notch services and solutions in the CRM area, what is our primary and characteristic domain.” Vladimír Jamrich



Vladimír has replaced Michal Sucháň, who was the head of sales and marketing team for 9 years. During his work for Millennium, he was a part of a lot of successful projects.

I would like to thank Michal for his professional work carried out with great enthusiasm. He was an exemplary leader, a motivator and one of the pillars of the company. He was not only manager but also a leader supporting his colleagues in reaching their goals. I wish him a lot of energy in his next position and a lot of inspiring projects.” Miroslav Krempaský, CEO Millennium

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