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15. December 2020

More Beautiful Christmas for children and elderly

The end of the year is time for balancing – companies balance economic results, students school successes and adults, whether they´ve met New Year´s resolutions. This year has been different – the pandemic has stormed into our value ladders. Recent events have shown that humanity belongs among the most important values.

During the pre-Christmas time, besides the classic balancing, we decided to do even more, to express humanity to those who need it.

During this year, the closeness has faded from many relationships. In Millennium, working from our homes and avoiding visiting our family and friends have resulted in experience what separation means as well.

We are aware that there are people amongst us facing loneliness regardless of what is happening in the world. For many of them, retirement or children homes have become their home. We are not indifferent to it, so we decided to please children and elderly and fulfil their Christmas wishes.

Therefore, Millennium´s end of the year is not only about closing numbers but also about giving presents to others.

Even small presents can hide great joy

Together with our mother company Soitron, we helped to conjure a smile on the faces of children from the children’s home “Nádej” in Bernolákovo. A Christmas messenger told us what would please the children. Thanks to this, Barborka will find a Barbie doll under the Christmas tree, little Brian will get Lego, Karol will get a hoodie, Daniel a skateboard and Ruženka scented cosmetics. We are glad that we can fulfil as much as 20 children´s wishes.

Detsky domov darceky

This year, our Czech branch Millennium Services has joined the charity Christmas project “Ježíškova vnoučata“. Thanks to the Endowment Fund of the Czech Radio and its initiative, wishes of many seniors will come true.


The financial contribution is aimed to support the retirement home in Veľké Opatovice. We have contributed by sponsoring the purchase of a table tennis and a garden swing. Another retirement home will benefit from a new gazebo. We have also supported the seniors from Kytlice by providing them with an electric tricycle. Mrs. Irenka from the retirement home situated in the Moravskoslezsky region with get an armchair and Mrs. Jaroslava a four-wheel electric scooter.

Children’s and elderly´s Christmas wishes can come true also with support of our customers which have cooperated with us throughout the whole year.   

Next year, we will continue to provide them with help in digital transformation and making their processes more effective. However, now is the time for all of us to take some rest and be with our beloved ones.

We wish you a pleasant Christmas!

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