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21. October 2019

New sales channel of Motor-Car company offers higher user comfort

A modern portal solution has simplified several independently working channels and contributed to higher quality of provided services. Thanks to our solution, Motor-Car company has gained a central online channel which has improved not only propagation and car sales, but also provision of services and communication with customers.

Motor-Car company is not a newcomer to the market. It´s been providing its services in Slovakia since 1990. Together with its daughter companies, it provides sales and service of car brands Mercedes-Benz, smart, Jeep, Kia, Alfa Romeo, Honda, Opel, Hyundai and Toyota.

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Since the management of Motor-Car understands the power of digital transformation having more and more influence on business, they decided to implement new trends.

Firstly, the internal system was technologically upgraded and, subsequently, a new sales portal was developed. This portal represents a unified online channel for propagation and car sales. Its development and integration with internal systems of the organization was provided by Millennium.

We appreciate that the new sales portal brought us even closer to our customers. Now, they can find all relevant information in one place and solve their requirements immediately online. Our priority was to strengthen communication with our customers, upgrade electronic services and enrich existing functionalities which would bring new opportunities to the sales department, marketing and service. Delivered solution helps us meet our goals.” Josef Balík, Director, IT and Projects, Motor-Car

Motor-Car web

Closer to customers via one commom channel

The project was divided into two phases. The first was launched with a zero-spurt consisting of initial business analysis. Within this phase, we prepared user stories and delivered:

  • electronic sales channel advertising new as well as used company´s vehicles with detailed information about vehicles and the possibility of online reservations;
  • leasing calculator serving for calculation of leasing and credit instalments for offered vehicles from contracted leasing companies;
  • booking system containing forms for customer requests, service orders, lending vehicles, repurchase of vehicles, test drives and communication with dealers;
  • propagation channel with various news from the world of cars with event calendar for customers and public.

Within the second phase of the project, we plan to develop:

  • private customer zone for making records about customers containing their personal profiles, list of vehicles, communication with dealers and fleet program management for using special offers and bonuses;
  • new e-shop designed in line with the portal which will be used for sales of Mercedes-Benz products;
  • interface with services for a mobile application.

notebook_motor car_final

What improvements has the solution brought?

  1. Implementation of a modular platform integrated with the internal system for vehicle administration.
  2. Simple and centralized administration of employee access to the portal.
  3. Automatic advertising of vehicles on used car sales portals.
  4. Decreased paperwork for the sales representatives – thanks to the connection with Daimler importer services and automatic car photo download, dealers do not have to take pictures of vehicles anymore.
  5. Connection to the central administration of financial products (credit, leasing, operative leasing) with a possibility to add other providers of financial products.
  6. Automatic collection of customer requests from the portal (regarding service, sales, repurchase of vehicles, etc.).
  7. Detailed overview of dealers and employees for more transparent communication with customers.

For the development of the new solution, we have used the Orchard CMS platform built on Microsoft technologies. The project was managed using the agile methodology. Close cooperation with the customer guaranteed smooth project progress and at the same time all recommendation were met.

If you would like to find out more about the implemented solution, download the case study.

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