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24. April 2014

O2 Slovakia Benefits from Cloud: Intranet Portal O2 World is Provided as External Service

We developed a new knowledge database placed in a cloud environment for the fastest growing mobile operator in the Slovak market O2 Slovakia.

In December 2013 we informed about the signature of the contract for the supply of the portal O2 World for the mobile operator O2 Slovakia. Today we can praise the successful completion of the project, which is characterized by some attributes of unique innovation. The first Slovak TOP reference is concerned called business of critical internet application for a big corporate client, which was supplied as external service in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

The objective of the project was to make the knowledge database accessible for more than 1,200 internal and external sales representatives. O2 World also makes internal communication of employees significantly more effective. It actively utilizes modern forms of communication as for example on-line chat, discussion forum and especially communication platform Microsoft Lync. The portal also allows access to their own wiki sites.

The O2 World portal was implemented based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform with the use of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. All environments, development and testing ones are placed in the cloud Microsoft Azure environment. Integration of access rights of internal users, placed in Active Directory with access rights of external cooperating persons was the most interesting of challenges of this project.

The innovation set up of the entire Millennium development team confirms the success of this pioneer project. We see the future of IT in connecting the words Mobility & Cloud. The O2 World project is a convincing proof of it.

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