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7. June 2024

Open Discussions and Idea Sharing

We prefer a work environment where everyone feels involved and informed. We regularly organize meetings that support our corporate culture.

Coffee with the CEO

Recently, we started informal gatherings with our CEO. Although Miroslav Krempaský is with colleagues in the office every day, sometimes the workday passes by quickly. “Coffee with the CEO” is a good opportunity to stop, spend time together, and discuss everything important that colleagues are interested in. It’s also a space for open discussion and idea sharing.

We meet regularly every other week in our kitchen. Topics that resonate in the meetings include the company’s vision, current projects, the latest technologies, and ideas for summer teambuilding or setting up the air conditioning during summer.

We Care About Financial Future

We invited investment professionals from Finax SK to visit us. During the seminar titled Financial Wellness, they explained to our colleagues how to ensure financial well-being, which is not only related to regular salaries and bonuses. It is very important to create a reserve. Finax states that up to 28% of employees do not have a financial reserve for more than one month.

We see the importance of spreading awareness about managing personal investments. We will continue to deliver lectures on these topics.

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