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5. October 2021

Our Journey to Major Web Projects. Why Have We Decided for the Orchard Core?

We in Millennium have been having passion for technologies for more than 20 years. Since our very beginning, we wanted to create something innovative. Thanks to the Arnia CMS platform, we have managed it. However, the world of technology changed since then, what significantly impacted our development. Nowadays, we belong to the partners of the globally recognized Orchard Core CRM Platform, the translation of which is primarily covered by the team of our experts.

Our beginnings were connected with creation of web pages, having their boom started in 2000. The customers then had their requirements regarding the graphic design of the web page, but the web administration itself was covered by us, since the customers were just getting to learn how to work with the platform. After a short time, it had been proven that manual changes of the content were very arduous. We found out that customers´ requirements were quite the same every time. That´s why we decided to develop an IT solution making the work more effective. At that time, we did not have any idea that we had created a system which was later named by the community as CMS (Content Management System).

VUB bank was the first customer to which we delivered the content management system (CMS) tailor-made exactly to the customer´s needs. At the same time, VUB bank was probably the first customer on the Slovak market using such a comprehensive system. Later on, requirements of the customers were more or less the same, which inspired us to develop one common base. Our work resulted in a system for content management named Arnia. The first unified solution built on Arnia was delivered to Slovak Telecom.

At that time, the Slovak IT market had not dealt with CMS solutions, so we were at least one step ahead of our competition. Our innovative approach was recognized also by the technology giant Microsoft.  In 2003 and 2004, our solutions built on CMS Arnia were awarded a Microsoft Industry Awards Winner. In 2013, our solution “” was a Finalist at Microsoft Industry Awards 2013 in the category “The best application for the state administration, self-government and the academic sector.” This portal solution was delivered to The Central Public Administration Portal.

The Globally Recognized Platform

During the period when we extended our portfolio by implementation of CRM solutions, numerous globally well-known companies started to create web pages based on the CMS platform. This change brought a higher demand for “out-of-the-box solutions” delivered practically immediately. The trends showed us that Arnia, requiring tailor-made development, was not competitive anymore. That was the reason why we decided to conduct a market research and find a sustainable solution able to replace Arnia. Since we had already had experience with Microsoft technology, we opted for a platform built on their foundations.

“We longed to introduce to our local market a modern IT infrastructure sustainable in a long run. Besides, we were looking for a solution with high global reputation. The Orchard Core Platform has met all required criteria.

We belong to the first IT companies in our part of the world which started to develop solutions built on this platform. Currently, we are a part of the Orchard community and participate to high extent in development of the Slovak version of the Orchard Core.”
– Miroslav Krempaský, CEO

Thanks to the open-source system for content management, Orchard Core offers many development possibilities. Extensive functionalities enable creation of tailor-made solutions. Portal solutions built on the platform have been delivered to several important customers, such as TIPOS, Motor-Car, Slovak Business Agency and the capital city Bratislava.

Keep following our blog. We are preparing a summary of the most important benefits of the Orchard Core.

We specialize in portal solution development on the Orchard Core Platform and its implementation within electronic services.
If you are considering implementation of the Orchard Core in your company, do not hesitate and contact us. We will go through your requirements together and propose the most suitable solution for you.

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