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9. January 2017

Pilot testing of the mobile app for waste recording for JRK Waste Management

In December we tested a mobile application for waste recording at the household level. Its real usage by municipalities and citizens brought positive changes of environmental and economic character.

Landfill sites within the hierarchy of waste management are considered to be a last resort. Methane – a dangerous greenhouse gas which is associated with the climate change – is released in the process of landfilling. The increasingly topical issue of global warming is one of the signals that help us realize the importance of environmental protection.

Millennium apkikácia na evidenciu odpadov pre JRK Waste Management

Last December, we field-tested the new app for waste recording. It is the first app of its kind in Slovakia which enables recording the amount of municipal waste produced by individual households and provides information on the extent of waste separation. In this way, municipalities may obtain actual figures to work with.

Besides its environmental extent, the mobile app for waste recording should also have considerable economical dimensions. It can help municipalities as well as the citizens ensure saving some money, i.e. in the form of reducing the waste disposal fees.

Pilotné testovanie mobilnej aplikácie na evidenciu odpadov pre JRK Waste Management

Inspection will be carried out in households that will show how individual households manage the municipal waste. Citizens would be motivated to sort their waste in a more efficient way, produce less amount of municipal waste and become more interested in the environmental protection. On the other hand, based on better waste management the municipalities would avoid the need to pay the rest for the citizens.

The main objective of this initiative is to motivate people to change their practice regarding the management of their waste and to subsequently reduce the amount of waste in households and landfills.

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