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30. November 2020

The Online application has digitized management of internal processes for one of the Internet providers in Europe

The application which Millennium has provided for one of the Internet providers in Europe has unified and simplified management of internal processes. Implementation of the central application has offered a detailed overview of performed orders and invoices.

Before our cooperation began, the Internet provider had not had any central system serving for unified administration of internal processes. The entire process of internal orders approval had undergone mainly via e-mails, phone calls and in the paper form.

Unproductive exchange of important information had not been desirable in terms of employees´ time and administrative burden. Over time, it had been more and more difficult for the management to keep track of increasing number of orders and invoices.

That was the reason why the management had decided to make the management of internal processes more effective and provide the employees with higher comfort in terms of administration.

Power Apps as the most suitable technology

During the initial phase of the project, we performed Proof of Concept (PoC) at the customer. We mapped current situation, selected the most suitable technology and set the project plan. The customer had already used Microsoft Office 365, so we could build the new solution on the Microsoft Power Apps platform. For this purpose, the Microsoft SharePoint platform was used as the connector to Power Apps.

PowerApps ilus

The solution offers:

A unified system for creation of internal orders

  • preparation of a requisition from which an order is later created runs directly in the online application;
  • a central database of all orders.

Online invoice storage

  • incoming invoices are automatically paired with the requisition or order with the same number;
  • the billing department has access to invoices directly in PowerApps.

A 360-degree view on the approval process

  • the application provides more detailed information on the flow of the entire process – data on a customer, approval process, supplier, order amount, final invoice or potential reasons for rejecting the requisition, etc.

Implementation of procedural work-flows

  • an applicant creates a request in the online application – they have several types of forms at disposition (e.g. a form for a standard requisition, for a framework or key supplier, etc.);
  • an approver receives an automatically generated e-mail with a request to approve a requisition;
  • cheaper items are approved by a direct superior, on the other hand the most expensive items are approved by board members;
  • the approver approves or rejects the requisition directly in the application (they might as well add the reason of rejection);
  • the approver is informed about the outcome of approval via e-mail;
  • an order is created from the approved requisition which is automatically sent to the supplier via electronic means.

Access to data

  • access to important data in Power Apps anytime and from any device (a computer, tablet or mobile phone).


The solution has provided the customer with the following benefits

1. A central tool making internal processes more effective.

2. The cloud solution has optimized the communication process related to ordering and approving goods and services and allowed to approve individual requisitions and create framework orders budgets, generate and send orders with a unique number directly within the application without the need for unnecessary e-mail communication.

3. A more detailed overview of performed orders.

4. Interconnection of orders and accounting documents at one place and the possibility of transparent display of incoming accounting documents.

5. The easier invoicing process. Invoice settlement and processing of accounting documents run based on the information from invoices and requisitions.

Thanks to the agile approach of project management, the customer had a comprehensive continuous  overview of the project status and outcomes of individual spurts.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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