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19. August 2019

PowerApps: Modern platform which can improve your business

Digital transformation is becoming a business mover. If companies want to stay competitive on the market, it´s wise to focus on the latest IT trends. Minor and technologically simple innovations can increase company flexibility, improve sales figures or offer better services to customers. PowerApps belongs to such modern online platforms digitalizing plenty of processes.

An employee needs a new computer and you mark his requirement in an Excel file or make a note on a piece of paper which can easily get lost. To register for an event, one need to send an email and you find out there is a free parking lot in the garage only during lunch-time conversation with your colleagues. These, and a lot of other everyday situations, can be managed much more easily. Thanks to the online application, which can help you rid of redundant paperwork and make information flow more transparent, you can make your company business processes more effective and daily routine of your employees easier.

Microsoft PowerApps

How can PowerApps help your business?

  • digitalizes processes previously handled in the paper form or not handled at all;
  • makes every day routine more effective and transparent;
  • makes internal as well as external information flow simpler;
  • solves lots of repeating tasks in short time what reflects in reduced costs;
  • verifies information and reduces error rate (provides prefilled fields or a possibility to scan QR codes);
  • provides a possibility of native connection with various systems (SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Excel, OneDrive and with other systems not only from Microsoft: SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, etc.);
  • involves artificial intelligence (Example: Based on the previous client data, financial brokers can evaluate the odds of getting approved for a loan.).

PowerApps is not like a conventional platform

To use PowerApps, you need to have bought the Microsoft Office 365 and a license for every user with the access to the application.

A user does not have to download the applications. The applications will automatically appear in PowerApps selection. The PowerApps platform digitalizes and automates selected process from A to Z. The final number of applications depends on number of processes you decide to digitalize.

The applications created by the Microsoft PowerApps have interactive design and can be open in a desktop browser or mobile devices (cell phone or tablet).

We use the benefits of the PowerApps platform even in our company. Thanks to the innovative applications, we were able to digitalize several internal processes. In upcoming weeks, you can find out more about the PowerApps applications implemented in Millennium. We will advise you what to do in case you would like to implement PowerApps in your company.

The PowerApps platform can make lots of processes slowing down your company simpler and digitalized. You can see the improvements practically immediately. Do not hesitate and contact us, we will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about PowerApps.

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