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25. June 2018

We have carried out Proof of Concept of CRM solution implementation in Cloud for Sberbank CZ

During 2017, we carried out an extensive analysis and Proof of Concept (PoC) in order to deploy a CRM solution. Based on this, the bank can make a decision on further innovative step towards digital transformation and advisability of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the bank environment. 

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The Importance of Proof of Concept

Every smaller or bigger project, where partial or total replacement or implementation of a new core IT system takes part, is preceded by an extensive analysis and so called “Proof of Concept (PoC)”. It contains a deep analysis of the environment, business requirements, IT infrastructure, necessary system integrations or solution expenses as well as elaborated implementation proposal.

PoC shall demonstrate and verify not only commercial use of the solution, but mainly its ability to be implemented and deployed in given environment. The aim is to find the most effective technology, which are to be used in development and set the project in detail, so the following implementation will run successfully and at a reasonable price.

In generally, the more experience with IT solutions´ implementation the client has, the more likely he will insist on Proof of Concept (PoC) before the implementation itself. Nowadays, PoC is essential at least in medium and large projects.

The Proof of Concept for Sberbank CZ

In Sberbank, customer relationship management, business and sales activities, as well as all the important information about the customer have been recorded by a custom-made application. Since Sberbank has decided to replace the custom-made application and implement a modern CRM solution, in 2017 we carried out an extensive analysis PoC for them.

Within the analysis, we focused mainly on requirements of retail and corporate banking, more specifically:

  • Lead views, potential clients, existing clients and portfolio as well as their administration
  • Process of lead and opportunity management
  • Service functionalities
  • Reporting

The Requirements on the CRM Solution and its Benefits

The essential requirement was implementation of a solution, which would make business and sales processes more effective and modern, improve customer care and increase possibilities of sales using latest technology.

Other requirements on the CRM system with the same importance included user-friendliness and integration with third parties´ systems, what eliminates a need to search information in various bank systems or outside systems. Besides, aggregation of all the information into one system increases the speed of bank´s customer service several times.

Carried out PoC has proved that the bank will gain not only a user-friendly CRM solution, but also the following:

  • 360-degree view on existing and potential customers as well
  • Overview of all business activities
  • A tool for effective preparation for meetings with clients
  • More transparent and better targeted management of follow-up activities

What is more, native reporting over the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform offers a necessary managerial overview of business activities of individual sales representatives/branches and product sales success within the portfolio, thanks to which the bank can decide on future strategies based on real data.

The Choice of Technology

The main topic of PoC was to choose a version, in which the system should be implemented. Based on carried out studies, Sberbank evaluated the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform as the most suitable one. It means that the solution will be in Cloud in the latest version possible. Optimization of the bank´s expenses, scalability of the solution and faster deployment belong to the benefits of deployment of the solution in Cloud.

Carried out PoC and analysis will serve as a base for development of a modern operative CRM system for customer care. We delivered PoC within the given period of time.

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