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17. June 2020

Replace your notebook with the online reservation tool Microsoft Bookings

Do you provide services for your customers which need to be ordered in advance? Are you exhausted by never-ending phone calls and writing down reservations into your notebook? With the online application Microsoft Bookings, you can save your time and gain an overview of all orders.

If never-ending phone calls with customers have become your daily routine and with growing number of customers your worries grow as well, you should think about a change. Phone calls due to make orders, change or cancel appointments, or check or remind information are a burden not only for you but also for your customers.

Several surveys have proven that up to 85 % of the respondents are frustrated by low-level customer service and up to 51 % of them have already moved to competition which offers them much more flexible conditions. Another study has shown that 40 % of customers prefer self-service over a human contact and 70 % of them expect to find a tool for ordering a service online on companies´ web sites.

Customers appreciate comfort and flexibility of a possibility to order a service by couple clicks via the Internet. Microsoft Bookings is a simple tool for everybody as a part of selected Microsoft 365 plans.

What does Microsoft Bookings consist of?

1. a web page for making reservations, where customers can select required service, term or preferred personnel. If necessary, the online reservation can be rescheduled or cancelled. After every order, a confirmation e-mail and new event to the calendar are sent. The reservation page can be displayed on a Facebook social network or published on the own web page.

Microsoft Booking

2. a web and mobile application for internal reservation management

  • you and your employees can add or update customers´ reservation in the calendar;


  • on the Customer page, it´s possible to upload new customers or import them from another accounts;
  • the page Employees allows you to add, process the list of your employees or send immediate notifications about new planned activities;


  • on the Services page, services selected by customers making reservation of a planned activity can be added or processed.


The Microsoft Bookings online application is suitable mostly for small and medium companies providing services which need to be ordered by their customers.

Example: A company providing service and maintenance of household appliances did not previously use any online tool for recording orders. Reservations were noted down into Excel files what gradually became quite untransparent. Often happened that an order was assigned to an employee who could not make it to the customer on time. Such shortcomings have been eliminated by implementation of the Bookings, thanks to which the management has gained an overview of all activities.

A similar situation was in a car service. Phone calls were handled every time by a different person depending on who was on the shift. Due to an insufficient way of making reservations, the situations happened when several customer were waiting for tire change at the same time. They were, of course, dissatisfied with too lengthy waiting period, so they did not come again. New online reservation system helped to solve the problem.

The tool helps make processes more effective even for small sole traders providing consulting or beauty services or for physicians who still use notebooks for noting down appointments.

Čo získate vďaka nástroju na plánovanie?

  • an online reservation tool available 24/7 also via a mobile application;
  • records on customers´ preferences;
  • a possibility to manage daily schedule of employees;
  • a detail overview of all reservations;
  • a place for defining services, prices and opening hours;
  • automatic sending of e-mail confirmations and notifications;
  • adding of agreed term into a private calendar;
  • the reservation page can be displayed on your own web page or Facebook.

Microsoft Bookings belongs among tools which can improve your company processes. Since it´s a part of selected Microsoft 365 packages, you will not pay anything extra. Do not hesitate and contact us, we will be pleased to help you with configuration or with the whole process of digitalization. During the free consultation, we will discuss your requirements and suggest the most suitable solution.

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