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9. January 2019

S Slovensko is making its leasing products sales management more efficient

We have implemented to S Slovensko, a leasing company, a CRM system for business process management. The aim of the project was to provide the company with a unified tool helping to increase quality of customer care in the agro-segment.

Implemented solution has been accommodated for sales management of leasing products. Digitalization of business process provides S Slovensko with a central system thanks to which the business and back-office team can manage their business activities more effectively.

S Slovensko_crm

The most important benefits

To the company, we have implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). The solution in cloud has brought S Slovensko numerous benefits:

  • 360-degree view on customers and data stored in one system;
  • consistent approach to business cycle management;
  • automation of business activities;
  • transparent reporting on important KPIs of the company as well as individual business team members;
  • customer care even outside the office thanks to the access from anywhere and any electronic device;
  • up-to-date overview of the data from the ERP system what eliminates the need to enter third parties´ applications;
  • a possibility of recording potential as well as existing clients in the central system;
  • the ProMailChimp functionality enabling creation, execution and evaluation of email campaigns directly in the CRM system.

The entire project was managed by the agile methodology. As the result, we have created a central CRM system, which promotes everyday business activities in the whole life cycle of a business case, makes sales management of leasing products more effective and strengthens business activities via email campaigns.

If you are looking for a solution that will help you to make sales management more effective, do not hesitate to contact us.

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