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18. November 2020

Heineken Slovakia´s sales under the spotlight thanks to Power BI

Heineken Slovakia understands the added value of upgrade of information systems undergoing digitalization.  In 2016, we implemented Dynamics 365 to the company and from the day of its implementation, we continually add new functionalities to it. Thanks to this development, Heineken Slovakia started to use also Power BI analytical tool for creation of reports.


Power BI serves for data analysis enabling creation of transparent reports. In Heineken Slovakia, it visualizes key data and brings broader perspective on sales evaluation via customer call centre. At the same time, it´s also used to measure success rate of individual phone operators´ sales.

With Power BI, Heineken Slovakia can visualize the following data:

  • value of sold goods with packaging (VAT included) and without packaging (VAT included);
  • sales targeting (average monthly sales vs. required monthly sales);
  • number of unique customers on daily basis with orders;
  • performance of individual phone operators against total sales;
  • average number of items per order and delivery.

Individual data can be filtered by users, regions and warehouses.

Heineken_Power BI

Future development

Heineken Slovensko is considering further development of Power BI which would bring more comprehensive view on performed phone calls and other activities of the phone operators.

Reports will be expanded by the following data:

Phone calls

  • total and average number of phone calls per customer;
  • amount of received and missed phone calls;
  • total number of unique customers reached – outgoing calls;
  • total number of unique received calls from customers;
  • average call time.


  • total number of performed activities (e.g. an order, a claim, creation of a complaint, etc.);
  • division of activities and their numbers;
  • average number of activities per customer and their further division;
  • average duration of activities and their further division.

By implementation of Power BI, Heineken Slovakia has gained a better overview of sales activities of the customer centre what has an impact on easier evaluation of key indicators of phone operators´efficiency.

The project was managed by the agile methodology. It was implemented in close cooperation with the customer and lasted 2 weeks.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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