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16. April 2021

Slovak Environment Agency makes management of the European Union funds more effective

Slovak Environment Agency has gained a solution making the management of EU funds more effective and offering a broader view on carried out projects.

Our company, Millennium, has succeeded in a public procurement announced by the Slovak Environment Agency (SEA). SEA was looking for a supplier of an application which would make management of EU funds more effective. The application was expected to simplify administrative work of managers and create reports according to given requirements.

We have delivered to SEA a solution named “The platform for effective management of EU funds processes for a unified solution promoting implementation of other management processes”.

When Excel, Word or E-mail are not enough

Original processes related to management of the EU funds processes did not use any tool for administration of the agenda. SEA employees used standard office packages applications in a form of templates creation and manual data fill-in into the Word and Excel documents. The data entered into the templates were neither computer-processable nor able to be used to create a set of reports or a data analysis.

Documents were primarily sent via e-mails what proved to be ineffective. Meeting deadlines control could be performed only manually based on the physical check of a file. The data required ware mainly stored in local computers what complicated substitutability of individual managers.

grant manazment

Stress put on digitalization

SEA was interested in more effective internal processes. As the most important goals of the project were selected: 

  • data centralization and their back-up;
  • digitalization of internal processes;
  • creation of better opportunities for a substitution in somebody´s absence;
  • providing an overview of running processes and their status over individual projects;
  • tracking of important deadlines;
  • searching, sorting and filtration of records.

We have delivered to our customer a solution which we accommodated exactly according customer´s requirements.

grant manazment

The new solution has brought numerous benefits

  • 360-degree view on projects and information on their current status;
  • administrative control of public procurement;
  • effective project management – project management of the approved projects, project history, project control and notifications;
  • topicality, transparency and higher quality data with the possibility to control the entire process more effectively;
  • tracking data changes;
  • the possibility of integration with the Office 365 package;
  • comprehensive reporting.

What technologies have we used?

The system is built on the Microsoft SharePoint 2019 platform. At the same time, it´s integrated with the system which has already been used by the employees (ITMS 2014, SAŽP registry). Thanks to the Microsoft Power BI, all data comprised in the delivered system or pulled from other external channels are further transformed and presented in the form of charts. As many as 120 end users log into the system with single sign-on via Active Directory.

The whole project was managed by the Waterfall methodology. At first, an analysis took place followed by functional specification, system implementation, testing and deployment into production.

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