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9. March 2016

Step by step to the successful implementation of CRM

We have started the project PoC (proof of concept) of Dynamics CRM implementation for a modern retail bank in the Czech Republic.

The bank is looking for a new solution for modern, extensible and customizable front-end operating system for clients. The new system will provide the bank employees with a consolidated 360-degree view of the customer, allowing them to manage and automate marketing campaigns and manage sales processes effectively. The solution will be of course closely linked with the other systems of the bank.

Our customer, based on our recommendation, decided not to deal with “big” RFP, but to realize mini project PoC first. PoC objectives are to familiarize closely with the platform and learn about its possibilities, further analyze business requirements and on their basis, prepare a fit-gap analysis and framework solution blueprint. Another objective is to estimate the cost of the implementation of Dynamics CRM for the whole bank. The estimated duration of PoC is two months and it includes the implementation of selected business scenarios in a test environment of the bank.

After having completed the PoC, based on the obtained outputs , the customer gets a much clearer idea of what is possible, what he really needs and how it is possible to achieve it. We, as the supplier, will get to know the customer and his needs closer so we can set the time and cost estimates more accurately and state real expectations. If PoC is successful, the continuation of the project will have much clearer contours and deliveries fitted in time and money, as if it came from only one answer to “big” RFP.


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