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24. August 2017

Team Up – Collaboration portal for Erste Group

By implementation of Team Up Collaboration portal based on SharePoint platform, we have made collaboration on projects much more efficient for more than 7,500 employees of Erste Group.

Kolaboračný portál Team Up

The Starting Point

Previously, Erste Group used to send documents and information via e-mails and exchange documents via shared folders as a primary form of team collaboration. Such collaboration – mostly between departments and branches – was complicated and required strong coordination effort. That was the reason why was the client looking for the way how to share, modify and comment documents and information or record history of changes easier.

Team Up Collaboration Portal

By implementation of Team Up – a portal solution for collaboration, we have provided Erste Group and its employees with the modern tool for cooperation, mutual communication and sharing of information when working on various tasks, projects and events. All necessary information is aggregated in one place within team pages.

Kolaboračný portál TeamUp pre Erste Group by Millennium

Work productivity on projects is increased by implemented functionalities, such as editing documents „with one click“, sending notifications, commenting documents, assigning and monitoring tasks of individuals as well as the whole team, etc. Transparent dashboards visually depict activities, tasks and overall course of the project.

Today, we register more than 1,450 team pages created directly by employees and this number is constantly growing.

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