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28. November 2017

The company breakfast with AmCham – digital transformation does not necessarily have to be a bogey

At the beginning of November we hosted, together with the American Chamber of Commerce, the event from the series „Business Breakfast“ in the Crown Plaza Bratislava hotel. The main topic of the breakfast was to introduce modern CRM solutions which can be helpful in a company digital transformation process.

The main idea was not to „theorize“ on digital transformation or CRM, but with practical demonstrations also to explain that the solutions hidden behind this noble term are actually not always complicated and complex, but they are also simple and effective. These solutions can really help companies to improve their sales, customer care, or marketing.

The event was opened by Miroslav Krempaský, the CEO of Millennium, who talked about the Millennium´s real story and its gradual transformation from a small company to a prosperous company operating on several markets, and the need of continual digital transformation including not only CRM, but also, for example, the detailed reporting for management. He was followed by Richard Sládek, our Business Development manager, whose presentation was focused on clarification of digital transformation – what does it mean exactly, why should we deal with it, and how can CRM help, for example, to substitute loads of Excel tables wandering around the company attached to employees´ emails.

Of course, the workshop was not focused on theoretical information, but on practical demonstrations. Those were presented by Lukáš Kormúth, the Senior CRM Consultant, who partially revealed the brand new and ground-breaking version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from the perspective of business users and management. At the end, Richard had another contribution dedicated to marketing and its automation by the solutions integrated directly with CRM.

We believe that our guests left the pleasantly spent afternoon not only full of tasty breakfast, but also new insights and inspiration. The things which sound complicated at first, might be in fact very simple and we are glad that the present guests were interested in our „message“ as confirmed in their questionnaires.

We thank all the participants and we believe we meet again!


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