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15. July 2020

The CRM Application for Medium and Small Companies

Among important conditions necessary for successful operation of every company belong effective work with data, their utilization for efficient business management and the ability to react to dynamically changing market. The appropriately selected CRM can help to achieve these expectations. The Microsoft Dynamics 365  ranks among the top products able to achieve that.

Thanks to the wide range of adjustment possibilities, the CRM application based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform can be used by all types of companies – large corporations as well as small companies. However, variability and universality of the standard Dynamics 365 not always fully takes into account needs and way of work of small and medium companies. In its native form, the environment can be considered as too complicated by users.

A CRM of large corporation can be very different from a solution designed for a smaller company or NGO. Long-term experience with solution implementation for various-sized companies in early stages reveals initial concerns mostly from the side of smaller companies which, at the beginning, are not able to imagine how the complex and robust Microsoft system can be accommodated to their needs. We offer our customers a prearranged CRM solution taking into consideration exactly the needs and requirements of small and medium companies. Its essence consists of business and marketing agenda, dashboards and views.

Microsoft Dynamics 365_sales

The Business agenda contains:

  • customer records with the range of data necessary for Slovak and Czech companies;
  • records of contact persons;
  • simplified records of potential customers;
  • simplified business opportunities management;
  • management of activities and communication history connected to Outlook / Office 365;
  • complete business process from an opportunity to a project or invoicing;
  • basic evidence of projects / orders.

The Marketing agenda contains:

  • simplified management of marketing campaigns;
  • marketing lists.

Besides simplification and accommodation of data structures, the CRM application offers prearranged:

  • basic insights, so called dashboards;
  • various display of lists;
  • Word templates for an offer and invoice.

Microsoft Dynamics 365_customer

Are you dealing with similar agenda in your company, but you are still not sure whether you need a CRM application? We will provide you with the answers on the most frequent customer questions.

Basic CRM functionalities are provided also by our accountant / e-shop system. What are the benefits of the separate CRM application?

If you are satisfied with the functionality provided by your existing system, we recommend you to continue using it. You only consider a new CRM solution if you find out that these functionalities are no longer sufficient.

It means that you need to:

  • work with consolidated customer data from various resources and in context;
  • have the possibility to track communication history;
  • manage work agenda;
  • or track and evaluate company´s business activities more precisely.

We are looking for a system for management of business activities, but we need to implement it in a short time. Is it feasible?  

We recommend to our customers to have the new solution implemented as early as possible. Using the system is the best way how to verify its settings and collect early feedback necessary to perform corrections while it is still simple to do it.

In case of more complex requirements, we recommend to divide the solution implementation into smaller parts which will be delivered to a customer continuously. More complex ones will be delivered later. Practically, the first version of a usable application can be delivered and deployed approx. in three or four weeks.

What is the price of such a solution?

Our solution is not a classic “out-of-the-box” solution which you install and use it as it is. A CRM application built on Dynamics 365 can be largely adjusted to your needs. It´s similar to furnishing a house or apartment. The price cannot be set as a lump sum. It depends on many variables and complexity of your requirements. In general, it can be said that interconnections of an application with external systems and automations have the highest impact on the solution price.

We would need to interconnect the system with our accounting. Is it possible?

Dynamics 365 is an open system able to be connected practically with any external application including accounting. The form and complexity of such interconnection can vary – from manual, through semi-automatic to fully automatic solutions. The selection depends on your actual requirements, while we always recommend to take into account the best possible “price / performance” ratio, since unnecessarily complex integrations influence the solution price.

We are preparing for you more articles where we would like to introduce you the entire CRM business process, from an opportunity to a project and invoicing, or how to manage marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a system able to make your business processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements and design for you the best solution possible.

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