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23. September 2021

The Development of the SharePoint Online App Has Provided a Greater Overview of the Contract Register

In the past, we delivered to YIT Slovakia a cloud app automating the process of creating contracts and streamlining their registration. Now, we have connected the application with another internal tool which has been used by our customer when working with contracts.

YIT Slovakia ranks among the major developing and construction companies in the Bratislava region. Its projects provide high-quality housing and high-end office and retail premises.

The company prides itself on high-quality of both customer service and internal operation. That is the reason why the top management continues to streamline internal processes. This time they have decided to integrate data from two different internal tools used by the employees on the daily basis.

The implementation itself was preceded by an analysis of the customer´s needs, based on which we proposed the most suitable solution of how to unify the applications  “Contractual Tool” and “Central Register of Contracts” directly in the production environment of the Microsoft SharePoint Online „Contractual Tool“.

We have migrated data and implemented functionalities from the “Central Register of Contracts” into the “Contractual Tool” application delivered by us, so the company will use only one central tool.

The “Contractual Tool” application which we delivered to YIT Slovakia in the past provided:

  • creation and processing of contracts and relating documentation;
  • administration of metadata over the contracts and contractual documentation;
  • process of commenting contracts;
  • process of approving contracts;
  • generation of cover sheets;
  • dynamic management of commenting and approving process based on the contract´s “metadata” (such as project, contract value and organizational unit).


Integration of the application “Central Register of Contracts” with the “Contractual Tool” included:

  • the “Contractual Tool” extended by administration of scanned executed contract comprising of settings regarding retention, addition, and display of the contracts;
  • lossless unification of both tools´ data;
  • creation of a new flow for adding scanned contracts;
  • securing persistency and reference data integrity ;
  • data migration;
  • postmigration data unification;
  • enhancements functionality;
  • application testing;
  • consulting services.

The main benefits provided by the project:

  • unified environment for registration and processing of contracts;
  • unified information in one application;
  • elimination of duplicities;
  • notifications, such as adding a new contract, performed changes in the contracts, etc.;
  • management of authorizations, e.g. determination of who can have access to the contracts and individual documents and amend them.

The process was managed by the agile methodology in the close cooperation with the customer which had the constant overview of the project status during the entire implementation period.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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