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20. June 2022

The New CRM Solution Brings Corporate and Private Banking of Slovenská Sporiteľňa Closer to the Clients

Besides the high-quality products, Slovenská sporiteľňa provides its corporate and private clients with top-notch consulting services with innovations and modern digital solutions playing the major role. Our company helps the bank to fulfil this strategy by migration and modernization of the CRM cloud solution.

Slovenská sporiteľňa, the largest commercial bank in Slovakia, ranks among our significant customers. In the past, we were a part of multiple projects which streamlined work of the employees and improved customer care.

The bank´s priority is to constantly provide the latest services in the world of finances. Adequate system support in the form of modern and well-established technology is an inseparable part of this strategy. It is exactly the reason why the bank decided to upgrade the CRM solutions for corporate and private banking. Microsoft Dynamics 365, the chosen cloud business platform, provides lots of functionalities and benefits to create a system as a source of relevant client information and helping bank employees to effectively and comfortably provide consulting and sales services together with related service.

Cloud Helps to Overcome New Challenges

For Slovenská Sporiteľňa, the implemented solution is, from the strategic point of view, another important tool bringing it closer to its clients.

“Within the project of migrating the CRM application into the new Dynamics 365 cloud solution, we cooperate with the same supplier as 8 years ago. We believe that this project will be just as successful and our new core system for corporate clients will provide higher data dynamism, flexibility and now possibilities of interaction with a client,” explains Jozef Jackuliak, a head of the LAB of client prosperity of companies in Slovenská sporiteľňa.

With the cloud CRM solution, the bank will gain multiple benefits:

  • more flexible and faster development of solutions, helping the bank to promptly respond to ever-changing business needs and priorities.
  • sophisticated functionalities such as predictive AI tools.
  • availability of the application on the employees´ devices directly at the client anytime and anywhere.

A certified team of our consultants and architects has been working on the project.

“We truly appreciate the trust of Slovenská sporiteľňa in our services. We believe that thanks to our experience, skills, hard work and skilful team which I am truly proud of, we can help the bank to fulfil its ambitious goals. “We enjoy banks” and I hope this project will prove it,“ added Richard Sládek, Finance Business Unit Lea at Millennium with a smile on his face.

Since it is a crucial solution, our common goal is to deliver it in a shortest time possible, so the bank can start to use its benefits as soon as it gets. Thanks to the well-prepared client, our skills and properly planned project phases, we are on a right track to deliver the solution during the summer.

If you are looking for a solution that would streamline your business processes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and design an optimal solution.



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