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2. May 2022

The Support Manager Peter: Comprehensive Customer Care Is a Fundamental Part of Our Work

Customer satisfaction is affected by the communication with the IT supplier also after delivery of work. The support department is often a point of first contact for a customer. We talked about the work of the support department´s colleagues with Peter, who is our Support Manager.

Wed are glad to continue with introduction of our departments and our colleagues´ work. The first interview with our test analyst Katka was about software testing. In the second interview, we have focused on the support department primarily dealing with customer requests.

We talked about the most important activities of the department with our colleague Peťo, a head of the team, responsible for comprehensive technical support, customer care and supporting activities.

You have been working on the support department for more than 10 years. What´s the foundation of the department´s work? 

We do not deliver out-of-the-box solutions to our customers. Since we develop our solutions based on specific requirements of individual clients, they require additional care. High-quality and comprehensive customer care are the foundation of our work. Customers are aware of a need to have close cooperation with us after deployment of a solution. We have concluded SLA agreements with our customers, based on which we solve reported incidents in agreed time.

What´s the risk for a company which underestimates the importance of an SLA agreement?

Companies without SLA agreements signed with their IT supplier can remain without support when unexpected situations happen, for instance, if a sudden problem causes breakdown of a system used for communication with their clients. If the errors are not handled immediately, it can endanger their business and cause a reputational risk. On top of that, it´s much more expensive to solve the incidents without the SLA agreement.

Are the support department services used also by customers who have their own support team? 

Yes, because their support teams usually provide support to several internal systems and are able to solve incidents only to a certain level. If an incident requiring higher level of support occurs, they contact us. We solve the incident either in our department or we approach the colleagues from development teams and solve the issue together.

It´s obvious that communication is very important for your department. Tell us, who do you communicate with?

As I have already mentioned, there are our customers who need to solve their requirements. Besides, we are approached by end users, i.e. regular people. The reason is that some of our customers provide their users with our contact as technical support. For example, if an applicant encounters an error in issuing a certain confirmation, we get informed about it. It is very important to be one step ahead in these cases and ask the right additional questions, since a common user do not have to be able to describe all eventualities necessary for solving the incident. So our work is often about creative communication.😊
Of course, we communicate with our colleagues across the entire company as well. We consult with them when addressing specific requirements.

Internal colleagues often approach the support department as well. What´s in your agenda?

We try to be helpful also for our colleagues. During last two years, when we have been working remotely most of the time, we have been helping them with various technical issues. Now, we are preparing development environment for programmers, virtual servers and infrastructure. We administer the Azure cloud platform, internal Power Apps application as well as Intranet.

What are the advantages of your work in the support department?

The work in our department would be appreciated by those who do not like to get bored. Every day brings something new, since every incident is unique from some point of view and requires specific approach. We feel the biggest satisfaction when customers appreciate our services. I can definitely say that it is not a stereotypical work. We constantly learn, develop and follow new trends. Since we cooperate with the colleagues from other departments across the company, we have a chance to get to know their work, too. This is accompanied by the possibility of career growth. In Millennium, the support department is something like an incubator for new talents where we help our colleagues to develop their skills. We have very friendly colleagues in our company, ready to explain new thinks and give advice. If after some time somebody wishes to try some other position, it is possible to change the professional focus. Some of my colleagues started in the support department and today work as consultants or programmers.

Peťo, thank you very much for the interview and we wish you and your entire team lots of success in your work.

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