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30. August 2017

The web portal of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic underwent a major change!

We have delivered the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic a new web portal with modern design. Simplified structure based on the analyses provides users with a friendly solution meeting latest UX and UI trends.


The background situation

The web potal of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic ran on the same CMS system for a long time. Gradually, it started to be obsolete and ceased to meet technological requirements of the Ministry. Since the portal had some imperfections concerning visual aspect as well as user interface, the Ministry decided not only for migration into the more flexible CMS system, but also for structural changes and the web site redesign.

Improvements in UX/UI and simplification of the structure

The biggest problem of the original web portal was too complicated structure and existing information layout. Previously, if you searched specific information, you would have to go through 7 levels (in simple terms 7 clicks) – thanks to the new stucture, user can find the same data only through 4 levels at most.

Web portál - MHSR

Users can definitely enjoy the search function, which previously worked only when exact title of the document was entered – it means it did not provide intuitive search based on keywords.

Proposal of the new design and layout of the elements have been prepared with respect to outcomes of analytic tools, meeting the latest UX and UI trends.

Data migration into the new system

A need of data migration is closely linked with transition into the new system. The transition was automated in this case in combination with manual interventions into the process. Within the process, we migrated more than:

  • 17,500 documents ready to download (pdf.)
  • 4,000 static text documents
  • 13,500 multimedia files
  • 3,500 press releases

We hope that the new portal will serve its users well. You can take a look at it here.

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