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1. March 2021

TIPOS has launched a new more attractive web site!

We have delivered a new improved web portal to our long-term customer TIPOS, a national lottery company. New modern design offers much better user experience, what customers will definitely appreciate. Our project was focused not only on design refreshment but also on profound technological upgrade.

We delivered the first web portal for TIPOS in 2004. It has undergone several visual remakes since then with new functionalities added up. The original web site was built on the CMS platform called Arnia, which gradually became technologically obsolete.

Since TIPOS had been following latest trends in the IT world, they decided for comprehensive makeover of the entire web site, change of technology as well as adjustment of the content. The new web is built on the CMS platform Orchard Core based on the Microsoft technologies.

What has been improved by the new web site?

Together with TIPOS, we have just accomplished the first phase of the project aimed mainly to ensure full access to all relevant information not only from desktops but also from mobile devices. We have managed it thanks to its responsive design. The already mentioned technological upgrade of the CMS platform and solution infrastructure played an important part as well.

At the beginning of the first phase, an analysis of the basic requirements took place and a suitable solution was proposed. The stress was put on following the graphic design delivered to us before the project began. After the proposal was approved, implementation, testing, content fulfilment and deployment to production followed.


Webovy portal

We communicated with the customer´s project team during the whole time. Thanks to that, TIPOS had a constant overview of the project status and we in Millennium had immediate feedback what fastened implementation of potential comments. We appreciate the flexibility in TIPOS´s approach to the entire project and we are pleased by positive reactions regarding the new portal. However, our work has not finished yet. Its further development will bring other functionalities promoting overall attractivity of the web site which already looks engaging and modern.” Vladimír Mako, Business Consultant, Millennium

The main benefits delivered to the customer within the first project phase:

  • a new modern web site;
  • full access to all information from desktops as well as mobile devices;
  • ergonomic administration of the content via intuitive system administration;
  • a robust system taking into account future development and sustainability of the solution.

We are currently working on the second project phase which covers:

  • implementation of the „TV Tipos“;
  • improvement of the result service for number lotteries;
  • creation of the transparent list of company´s branches;
  • development of a register for publishing information for public.

We will keep you posted about the further improvements within the following project phases. Since it is a large and complex project, we are preparing a case study which will be available to download on our web site soon.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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