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2. June 2020

We are a silver partner of a world leader in software tester certification

Testing is an important part of software solution implementation. Elimination of mistakes saves lot of worries on the side of a customer as well as developer. We put stress on high-quality testing, what has been proven by becoming a silver partner of the non-profit organization ISTQB providing certification of software testers around the world.

Such as other IT areas, testing is influenced by rapid progress as well. The market is full of tools for software testing and new ones pop-up constantly. To deliver quality systems to customers, IT companies need skilled professionals able to sort out the bugs occurred during the life cycle of a solution. Therefore, it is necessary for the testers to continuously educate and improve themselves.


Partnerstvo spája certifikovaných odborníkov

Millennium encourages professional development. That´s the reason why we have joined the partnership programme of the international non-profit organization ISTQB, what has brought us the silver partnership. This partnership was preceded by obtaining the basic level of ISTQB certification, for which our team of testers responsibly prepared.

 The Partner programme ISTQB is focused on the companies which put stress on high-quality software testing. It means the companies which main objective is to have qualification of their employees in line with international standards and certified procedures related to software testing.

In Millennium, we care about personal development of our employees. We are very glad that our team of testers took part in achieving this success. Knowledge we have acquired will help us in our everyday work. Our partnership with ISTQB provides us with many advantages.” Miroslav Krempaský, CEO

Among the most important benefits of the silver partnership belong:

  • the official partnership document and acknowledgment of the professional level of our testing on the local as well as international markets;
  • public acknowledgment for systematic investments into educational activities of our testers;
  • special privileges related to events and conferences promoted by ISTQB;
  • a possibility to have access to a beta version of new ISTQB syllabuses and contribute to their revision;
  • a honorary membership in the exclusive “ISTQB Partner Forum” thanks to which we have all up-to-date information about ISTQB news;
  • local preference from ISTQB Local Member Boards or providing exams.

Are you in process of digital transformation and looking for an IT company which would help you implement it? We have professionals in our team ready to lead you through the entire process and help you make operation of your company more effective. Twenty years of our experiences guarantee that we are a stable partner you can rely on. Do not hesitate and contact us, we will be pleased to offer you a free consultation.

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