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28. October 2016

We are one of the top providers of IT solutions for O2 Slovakia!

There is no such a feeling like to hear positive feedback on a job well done. We received a great feedback during quarterly breakfast directly from the O2 Slovakia representative.


Every quarter we have a tradition of meeting as the entire company for quarterly breakfast. In addition to a tasty start of the working day, which is in itself a great attraction to participate, we present the achievements and the company activities over the past three months.

An integral part of this event is also the presence of the guest of honour – our client, who will share their experiences from the solutions delivered. Thanks to this customer feedback we get invaluable views on cooperation and quality of the work delivered.

This quarter we received an extremely pleasing feedback brought by Mr. Juraj Masaryk, Project Manager at O2 Slovakia. He himself expressed the words that made us very proud:

“Quality of work, reliability and SLA compliance is so high that in the eyes of O2 Slovakia you rank among our top suppliers.”

Evidence of successful cooperation with O2 Slovakia, as well as the success of the O2 SVET project was the Microsoft Industry Award 2014 for the best cloud solution.
O2 Svet a Millennium

Our solution for O2 Svet is used altogether by over 1,200 users and every day at least 500 employees come into contact with it. This knowledge database collects all necessary information, which employees can access either via a search engine or in 3 clicks in the system. With the “3 clicks for everything” rule we have managed to reduce the time for client data search from minutes to seconds. Transparent reporting, which replaces difficult to read and interpret data from Excel, contributes to a clear presentation of results.

However, the functionality of Knowledge Management solution does not end here. In 2017 O2 plans a number of upgrades to the O2 SVET:

  • modernization of the user interface design
  • introduction of a responsive design to promote the use of the platform even via mobile devices
  • introduction of an internal social network Yammer for effective communication.
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