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29. March 2017

We demonstrated Microsoft HoloLens innovative technology to a significant property developer

In February, 15 managers of successful property developer met in Millennium to see a demonstration of using Augmented Reality and Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Augmented Reality with Microsoft Hololens

Practical use of Augmented Reality for commercial purposes has not yet reached its full potential in Slovakia and its integration into the Slovak market is still considered the distant future.


Microsoft Hololens


This innovative technology offers a look at physical environment by using HoloLens technology anywhere, what brings a lot of advantages. It´s not only unique experience but also a possibility to enrich this digital environment with additional information (in form of written text, sound or picture). In Augmented Reality, a user gets thanks to interactions an immediate access to needed and comprehensive data.

90 meters tall building in our meeting room

We always enjoy having presentations to show our customers IT innovations and modern technology. We are glad that we had a possibility to demonstrate an interesting solution using Augmented Reality and Microsoft HoloLens technology to a significant property developer.

Managers from Slovak branch of the company as well as branch managers from neighboring countries met in our meeting room to get deeper knowledge about possibilities of Augmented Reality in developer segment. We have developed an application in Unity platform which was subsequently transferred into the Microsoft HoloLens Augmented reality glasses. Our guests could take a detailed look at originally 90 meters tall building in a reduced scale. Virtual model of 1.5 by 1.5 meter was placed directly in our meeting room.

Hololens a rozšírená realita pre developerský segment

Practical use and advantages of Augmented Reality with Microsoft HoloLens

The latest technology brings a lot of advantages to progressive and innovative companies. Property developers could be interested in the following benefits:

  • Detailed interactive insight – HoloLens offers a possibility to control the model by gestures (make it larger or smaller, turn it by movement of a hand) or voice (to get required data from integrated database immediately by voice commands)
  • Accelerated development process – design of a building or interior can be thanks to Augmented Reality created and demonstrated as a concept presentation within couple days, even hours. Such design concept can be flexibly changed according to suggestions and needs of a client. Architects don´t need to create 3D paper models anymore what takes a lot of time, sometimes even couple months.
  • Real-time simulation – Augmented Reality brings more effective communication and discussion of a building model in real time by several people synchronized at the same time. A developer or construction team points out mistakes or suggestions directly on detailed simulation.
  • Realistic demonstration of various scenarios – Augmented Reality provides customers with amazing experience and offers a possibility to demonstrate various scenarios and variants what helps realistically introduce and demonstrate the final result.

Millennium a Microsoft Hololens v developerskom segmente

The latest technology, where Augmented Reality undoubtedly belongs, is definitely a competitive advantage in today´s intensely competitive environment. Keeping in step with innovations not only improves customer experience, but also proves innovation and leadership of a corporate brand.

We see great potential of constantly evolving technological market and due to this fact, we are working on several prototypes for various segments. If you want to try them in your company, do not hesitate and contact us!

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