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14. December 2021

We Express Our Support to the Frontline Health Workers and Experts Who Are Taking Care of Mental Health

The end of the year, which has been very challenging in many respects, is approaching. It has been the second year of pandemic, not allowing us to work from the office, so we have communicated with our colleagues and customers only via a screen. However, what we have experienced cannot be compared to life of health workers and other people who have suffered severe emotional distress during this time. We do not shut our eyes to this, on the contrary, we care about helping others.

There are many areas that need our support. In Millennium, we are very glad to see how many organizations can join for a good cause. Our company is interested in what is happening around us and it does not remain unanswered.

“Every year, we try to give a helping hand to those who need it the most. In past years, our help was aimed to children in foster homes, little patients in oncology wards and elderly in senior homes. This year, we have decided to show our support to the health workers who risks their lives on daily basis in order to save life of others. Mental health is another theme resonating significantly. We appreciate that it´s been talked more and more about the importance of mental balance in these difficult times.”
Miroslav Krempaský, CEO

Mental Health Support

IPčko, a civic association, helps break taboo regarding mental health. It provides free and anonymous help to people who contact them in the most difficult life situations. In October, there was an increase of up to 150% in requests for immediate assistance. Recently, it has been exhausted health workers who have started to approach the advisors as well. On top of that, they help young people to deal with various problems and often save them at the last moment.

“Frontline health workers, men and women, experience repeatedly very stressful and demanding period. After the relatively short break after the second wave of the pandemic, they are back in full force, saving lives under difficult circumstances. Their mental and physical strength has been in red numbers for a long time now. They rightfully feel tied, frustrated, upset, desperate and sometimes angry due to disinformation spreading about the non-existence of the new coronavirus, while they face it on daily basis,” describes this period PaedDr. Zuzana Juráneková MBA,Crisis Helpline Advisor.

“They see how the coronavirus destroys health and takes strength and lives, and understand that conspiration and disinformation continue to support it. They have to deal with unnecessary death which could have been prevented by vaccination.

They often need to take rest and take their time in order to ventilate all the thoughts and feelings. They need a feeling that they are listened to. We are glad that they can rely on us. We deeply appreciate their work and we are glad that we can be close to them and at least somehow mitigate the effects that this period has on them,“ continues Zuzana Juráneková.

As part of our Christmas giving, we have financially supported the work and further development of the advisors providing psychological online counselling in IPčko. We believe that the help will be given to all who takes courage and decides to share their uneasy situation with a professional.

Non-Stop Sacrifice Requires Also Physical Rest

We understand that it is not in our power to solve global problems. However, what we can do is to stand by the health workers and give them our full support. The Uherské Hradište hospital´s catchment area is South Moravia. The constantly growing number of Covid-19 patients has caused that both standard and intensive beds are almost full.

To thank the health workers for their constant sacrifice, Millennium has given a comfortable sofa to the covid ward in Uherské Hradište hospital.

“I would like to thank for the help and support during these especially difficult times. Unfortunately, the number of covid patients has been constantly growing, our strength is waning away and we have more and more of sick personnel. I am very glad that there are still people who are not oblivious to the situation and help health workers by good thoughts and acts to hold on and fight. We very appreciate the decision to help our hospital and once more thank you!“
MUDr. Petr Sládek, Chairman of the Board

We know that health workers are on their feet often the whole day. Let at least short rest on the sofa recharge their so much needed energy. Let it be a symbol and reminder for them that there are people who appreciate their work especially in these difficult times.

We couldn´t have helped IPčko in Slovakia and the hospital in Uherské Hradište in Czech Republic without the support of our customers which have cooperated with us during the last year.

We strongly believe that everyone of us can contribute a little to stabilization of the situation with responsible approach. We wish all of you a peaceful Christmas with your loved ones.

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