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12. April 2019

We have added a new segment into the CRM system of ČSOB bank

For our long-term client ČSOB bank we have made existing CRM system available also for employees with the scope of work focused on entrepreneurs and small companies. From the beginning of this year, they can manage their everyday agenda thanks to the CRM solution, what has improved the quality of care related to clients.


The existing RM Tool, like ČSOB named their CRM system, was primarily used only by employees providing services to corporate clients. Thanks to the CRM system, they have gained a comprehensive overview of clients and products as well as a tool for work agenda management or tracking of business pipeline.

However, such a system would be very beneficial also for employees who are responsible for the segment of entrepreneurs and small companies (Micro segment). To administer key data, they previously used tools which were not mutually connected. Communication became more and more intricate, so the management of the company decided to extend the functionalities of the existing CRM and include another segment.

The extension of RM Tool has offered the employees the following benefits:

  • 360-degree view on customers;
  • well-arranged visual display of information via operative reporting;
  • variability of reporting for individual employees based on their position within the company.


csob_micro sme_pc

The main aim of the CRM extension was to offer a modern tool integrated with internal bank systems for more users, so they do not have to enter various applications during the work.

Employees administering the segment of entrepreneurs and small companies have now all relevant data in one place what has a positive impact on their work effectivity. Thanks to the implemented changes, the management has gained an overview of daily agenda of its employees or unfinished work tasks within given time period.

ČSOB wants to offer its clients top-notch services. That´s the reason why its CRM system already underwent an upgrade and the bank is planning another CRM development soon, which has crucial impact on customer relationship management.

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