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22. March 2016

We have been the first in Slovakia, who have deployed the hybrid cloud storage StorSimple

Since we love innovation, we have decided to bring to Slovakia another advanced technology that opens up new possibilities in the field of backup and archiving.

Millennium has for several years operated its production and development environments in the cloud Microsoft Azure.We are proud that we were the first Slovak company which fully moved to the cloud of Microsoft and this time we are pleased to introduce the deployment of a hybrid cloud storage of Microsoft StorSimple.

StorSimple is a storage area network (SAN) device that is natively integrated into cloud environments and brings new possibilities in the field of backup and archiving, not to mention the enormous storage space, achieved thanks to the cloud (in our case more than 200 TB).

StorSimple contains SSD and SAS disk drives, provides automatic tiering of data, it supports a variety of backup and recovery mechanisms, and thus represents a very effective tool to eliminate the use of complex backup environments, tapes etc. Data can be de-duplicated, compressed and before sending it to the cloud, of course crypted. Cloud background thus also becomes not only a storage, but also a means to share data between geographically remote locations or access data through a virtual machine.

This new facility was named “Cloud Integrated Storage” and it represents a new way of working with company data retention. At our facility we are planning to operate, except for our own data, also proofs-of-concept and test environment for our customers and partners. In the near future you can look forward to several blogs, describing the details of using StorSimple, unboxig photos and much more.

This video will provide you with a brief introduction:

To learn more, read the ebook „Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model“ or contact our experts.

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