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1. July 2016

We have delivered O2 a tool for employee education

Education is an inevitable part of every growing company life. However, how can we set up training, testing and career growth for several hundreds of employees?

For our client O2 Slovakia (who we prepared the O2 portal for as well ) we have developed and implemented the O2 University application. The client requested a tool for educational activities depending on the possibilities of career growth.

The application functions based on several steps:

1. In the administration part so called trainers create various types of tests, designate who they are meant for and what is their validity.

2. The tests are later automatically distributed based on selected criteria to final users, who receive information on allotment and deadline, by which they ought to make the test.

3. Administrators have a possibility to view statistics, which they can filter by various parameters, export to .csv formats and further analyze.

4. Within the solution various types of career upgrades can be set up. They define, what trainings must the applicants take, what tests they must pass. When they fulfil these steps they can be moved a level higher.

5. Organizors of trainings mark all results and details of the training, and these are centrally registered and portrayed in the profile of a given employee.

The training system O2 University is built on the SharePoint 2013 platform. With respect to the great potential of cloud and positive experience with the O2 World project, O2 Slovakia opted for Microsoft Azure for the entire project.

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