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17. October 2017

We have delivered operational CRM for Komerční banka

We have successfully completed the implementation of the CRM system for one of the major banks in the Czech Republic. The solution for KB named ZOOM is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology and used by more than 3,500 employees of the bank branches on daily basis.

logo Komerční banky

The Background Situation

Nowadays, Komerční banka (KB) belongs to one of the strongest and largest banks in the Czech Republic and proves its leading position on the financial market by implementation of new technological innovations. Within the project of complete change of bank information systems, KB focused primarily on customer satisfaction increase – by implementation of a new CRM system.

The primary system requirement was user-friendliness and its integration with the systems of third parties, which would eliminate a need to search information in various systems and applications. We do not have to mention that aggregation of all the information into one system has several times increased the speed of customer service.

The Solution

The whole project as well as the CRM solution itself got an apt name – ZOOM. The newly implemented system for customer care has been fully customized according to client´s requirements not only from functional but also from visual point of view, what ensured a maximally intuitive and attractive tool for branch employees and bank consultants. Currently, the CRM is used by more than 3,500 front office employees of Komerční banka on daily basis.

The solution is integrated with more than 20 internal and external systems, what enables employees of Komerční banka get all needed information using no more than three mouse clicks. Thanks to ZOOM, they have comprehensive overview of their business activities and a 360-degree view on individual clients´ files containing detailed information. CRM enables better preparation for meetings and simplifies management of follow-up or cross-sell/up-sell activities towards individual clients.

Used Technology

We opted for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, currently representing the latest on-premise version on the market, as a technological platform able to fulfil client´s requirements. Our company collaborated on the solution implementation for the bank as a subcontractor and together with our parther we delivered the solution in 13 months since the moment we had chosen the technological platform.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM brought Komerční banka the following benefits: 

  • client data and business activities;
  • searchability of information using no more than 3 mouse clicks and their aggregation into one system, what provides an employee with a possibility to work with data immediately without a need to search in systems of third parties;
  • customer satisfaction increase by providing higher quality client service and managing cross-sell and up-sell activities directly according to individual client´s needs;
  • highly intuitive system guiding users through the entire business and service process;
  • a modern solution for customer care with a possibility of flexible development of the system or implementation of additional functionalities.

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