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25. May 2017

We have delivered SARIO a mobile CRM solution

We have delivered SARIO an operative mobile CRM solution for more efficient project management. Thanks to the application, employees have all data available in one place and can work with information or manage projects, meetings and events from any place.

SARIO is Slovak investment and trade development agency with the primary objective to support domestic and foreign investment projects. When implementing support for investment projects, the employees of the Agency work with a large amount of information, which needs to be recorded and further processed.

In order to perform all mentioned activities, the employees of Foreign Trade Department used a tailor-made web application, which became obsolete and too impractical without any real positive impact on employee work productivity.

operatívne CRM pre Sario   Figure 1: The mobile CRM solution

SARIO Agency came to decision to exchange the existing application for a more modern and significantly more user-friendly solution. They opted for the Resco Mobile CRM platform. Thanks to this, SARIO has gained not only a modern record-keeping system recording contacts, projects, meetings, events and information related to partner countries and companies, but also a flexible CRM solution, which can be effectively used for administration of sales cases in the future.

Mobilné CRM pre SARIO
Figure 2: The new CRM application via desktop

Implementation of the mobile CRM solution has brought SARIO numerous benefits:

  • User-intuitive interface – simplifies employees´ work with the system
  • Unified database – all information mutually connected and stored in one place
  • Quick search – employees can easily search all information needed
  • Simple adaptability – after the training, users themselves can modify and adjust the application according to their own ideas and needs and make minor adjustments via WoodFort intuitive tool.
  • Transparent reporting – employees and management have a perfect view on implemented projects with comprehensive records

One of the major benefits of implemented mobile CRM is great flexibility and speed of the solution deployment – the employees could use the system to its full extent immediately after the implementation, which lasted only one month. Currently, the mobile CRM has been used to the satisfaction of Foreign Trade Department for 6 months. Since the solution proved to be a perfect user-friendly tool, negotiations are currently underway with the aim to extend it also for the investment projects department.

If you plan to improve business processes of your company and reach mobility of your employees, which is a necessity nowadays, do not hesitate to contact us.

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