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We have implemented Knowledge Management to the czech Raiffeisenbank

We have implemented Knowledge Management to the czech Raiffeisenbank

We have successfully implemented a modern solution for knowledge management based on the Microsoft SharePoint technology into the bank´s environment. It provides the employees with simple creation, approval and access to up-to-date information on bank products, internal processes, procedures and standards.

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The main ambition of Raiffeisenbank was to cover the entire process of creation, commenting, approval, publication and archiving of so called “articles” (information on individual bank products, internal processes, procedures, manuals and standards) and to share them transparently among the bank employees. For this purpose, till now, Raiffeisen has been using a solution based on the Lotus Notes technology. Nevertheless, on the one hand, it has become technologically obsolete and, on the other hand, the users have often found the solution to be user-unfriendly. Thus, the bank decided to abandon the old system and replace it with a modern Knowledge Management solution.

By implementation of the Knowledge Management solution, we have gained a tool for more efficient creation and sharing of up-to-date information across the headquarters, bank branches and call centres. It provides comprehensive communication with customer when informing on bank products as well as unified compliance with internal policy. The employees have constant access to latest changes, internal procedures, manuals, directives and standards.” Tomáš Tyl, Project Manager, Raiffeisenbank

By implementation of the solution named RBook, we were able to deploy a system covering management of the entire life cycle of the articles within individual zones:

  • Author zone – an author creates an article and submit it for approval – based on the type of the article, the approvers are automatically assigned, receiving a task notification. The approver comments on the article and approves it;
  • Future zone – storage of approved content valid in future;
  • Publishing zone – from the moment the article has become valid (e.g. a directive, procedure, norm or any other change of a bank´s product), the content becomes available for all employees with the access to the system;
  • Archiving zone – after the article ceased to be valid, the entire content is automatically archived;
  • Documents – it serves as a place for storing attachments to the articles and at the same time automatically generates methodical documents for the regulator.

Management of the whole cycle directly from the RBook system has eliminated a need to enter various applications what the original solution based on the Lotus Notes technology did not allow.


RBook Raiffeisenbank Knowledge Management Solution

RBook – the newKnowledge Management system in Raiffeisenbank


The implemented Knowledge Management portal solution consists, among others, of the following sections, which contribute to the full overview of information:

  • Dashboards – section provides transparent access to relevant information adapted for individual bank´s departments (headquarters, call centres, retail support on the bank branches, departments providing mortgages).
  • Campaigns – section records current marketing campaigns, which are automatically connected to specific products (e.g. students get a credit card for first two months without being charged, etc.) A bank advisor on a bank branch or call centre operator has, thanks to the RBook solution, a constant overview of current marketing campaigns for individual products.
  • Search – full text search supplemented with additional filters according the article validity, type of information or attributes increased productivity and efficiency of work with information. Since the original solution based on the Lotus Notes technology did not allow functional search, the SharePoint solution significantly saves time of the employees when searching internal documents or serving clients.

Knowledge Management solution implemented to Reiffeisenbank has managed:

  • to make work with internal information more effective, thanks to simple creation, approval and publishing of articles, possibility of intuitive search of information or quick export of the articles into PDF;
  • to make available all important and up-to-date information on products, directives, standards, procedures and bank processes to employees ensuring unified compliance with internal policy;
  • to unify communication towards the client – thanks to information on bank products, current campaigns or changes, the employees at branches or call centres can provide their clients with fresh and right information;
  • to provide individual departments with the most important and personalized information displayed in transparent dashboards;
  • to ensure visually attractive design and user-friendly system environment as well as deliver a modern and flexible solution based on the Microsoft SharePoint technology with potential of further development.

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