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27. September 2013

We have received three prizes at Microsoft Industry Awards 2013!

The prestigious IT award Microsoft Industry Awards 2013 is annually given by the company Microsoft to its partners, who develop solutions and applications on the Microsoft platform. In selection of individual solutions the evaluation criterion is especially the benefit it brings the customer and the scope of the project.

„I am glad that our partners who are an inseparable part of our business have the opportunity to participate in the Microsoft Industry Awards contest already for the seventh time. It is the most prestigious local award a Microsoft partner can achieve,“ said Markus Breyer, Microsoft CEO.

This year our company achieved extraordinary success and received even three awards and out of nine contest categories!


„For us the Microsoft Industry Awards belong to the most prestigious awards an IT company can receive in Slovakia. The more pleased we are about our awards this year, i.e. two Winner awards and one Finalist award. Thus we became one of the most successful Slovak IT companies that currently operate within Microsoft partner network,“ Miroslav Krempaský, Millennium CEO.

The Best start-up solution category

The project Resa became the winner of the category. Its aim is to assist travel agencies and tour operators in selling complex trips on-line. More information on the project can be found on

The Best application for commercial sector category

VÚB bank has created a knowledge database through which it manages individual business terms and displays data from metadata repository. Internal and external communication significantly improved its efficiency and product development became simpler.

The Best application for the state administration, local administration and academic sector

The information portal is a presentation part of the Central portal of the public administration (ÚPVS). The aim of the project is to secure uniform access to electronic services of public administration and in a comprehensive form provide these to the citizens. The portal can be found on

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