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15. March 2018

We have upgraded the CRM of Orange to a newer version

For Orange, we have significantly upgraded its CRM solution, which was implemented for the first time in 2014, to a newer version. We are very glad and proud that we have been collaborating with Orange since 2001, known as Globtel, on several projects and solutions.

Upgrade CRM v Orange

Currently, our long-term customer uses our retention application, knowledge management and the CRM system for administration and B2B customer care, what you can read more about in our references.

Technology changes quickly, not excluding the CRM applications we have delivered – CLM (Contact and Lead Management) and the retention application, which after the years of operation needed to be upgraded. The original version was based on Microsoft Dynamics 2013 platform. After the upgrade, Orange works on Microsoft Dynamics 2016. The upgrades have brought lots of new functionalities and advantages. What is more, thanks to the built-in functions and features of the newer version, which don´t have to be individually customized and developed, Orange saves time and expenses. The wider range of options and functions of the interface helps the users to work faster, simpler and more efficiently. The ability to customize the user interface has been improved as well. Now, the interface can be diversified by colour what ensures higher transparency of data and the content can be modified according to the client´s needs.

What else has Orange gained and what are other benefits of the upgrade?

  • new functionalities such as integration with Excel and generation of documentation (word templates)
  • updated user interface
  • another functional and operational improvements of the platform

What was the process like and what did precede it?

  • The analysis of existing custom-made functionalities, reports and subsequent preparation for the “DEV environment” upgrade
  • The upgrade of our “DEV environment”
  • Validation of the basic functionality
  • The upgrade of the “TEST environment” in Orange
  • The user testing of the entire functionality in the “TEST environment”
  • The adaptation of the user documentation
  • The upgrade of the production environment and putting into real operation

We are glad that our cooperation with clients doesn´t end with the solution delivered, but it continues with technical support and potential upgrade to a newer version or technology. That we have built a good name and trust in the eyes of Orange is proved by the fact that in near future we will deploy them another solution, which you can find out about on our website, newsletter or social networks soon.

If you are also thinking about upgrading your CRM or are looking for a new solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to discuss with you about the possibilities.

Author: Matúš Grešš

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