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13. June 2022

We Improve Communication Between the State and Its Citizens

The Slovak Land Fund (SLF) is in the process of transforming itself into the digital and highly transparent institution. Within the project of electronic services development, we have streamlined and fully digitized the most frequent process of submitting applications. We are proud that SLF was awarded the BRISK prize for improving state electronic services and consistent implementation of the unified design manual on the Fund’s web site.

The Slovak Land Fund administers land and relating estates owned by the Slovak Republic and unidentified owners. It has to process more than 30 000 applications a year.

Gradually, SLF happened to find itself in a difficult situation. The information system of the Fund had been in an extensive technological debt. Submission of applications required their processing in a paper form, significantly prolonging the entire process. The management of the fund was aware of the limitations and tried to propose a vision how to eliminate them. Digital transformation of processes was identified as a solution. To make processing of applications faster and more transparent, SLF decided to digitize its processes and significantly improve the services towards the citizens.

Simpler Application Submission

The solution has provided the entire digitization of the following applications:

  • Application for transfer of administration, transfer of ownership, change or establishment of encumbrance.
  • Land lease application.
  • Applications for issuing statements related to the proceedings under the Building Act.

These applications have undergone the major transformation. The process has been entirely revised, redesigned and fully digitized. User authorization runs via eID through the Central Portal of Public Administration. There is no need of visiting a notary or other offices. The application can be submitted from home. The advantage of the solution from the SLF employees´ point of view is increased quality of delivered attachments since the system guides the users through the form and ask only for the documents necessary for completion of the application. It saves multiple interactions between the applicant and the Fund which were necessary before.

The project has significantly reduced the time necessary for submitting applications and maximally simplified the entire process.

“We are very glad that we have become a part of the transformation of the Slovak Land Fund to a fully digitized pro-client organization. We have met with a high expertise and professionality on the customer´s side. Together with the colleagues from SLF, we help to create a better state – bring transparency into its processes and set standards in providing electronic services.”
Miroslav Krempaský, CEO, Millennium


The BRISK prize for improving the state’s electronic services

When we created a new solution design, we proceeded in compliance with a unified design manual of electronic services and web sites (ID-SK). It´s a manual the aim of which is to unify user interfaces and way of communication with users when providing electronic services in Slovakia.

The BRISK team operating under the umbrella of the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic takes care of the ID-SK design manual in the Slovak Republic. Besides, BRISK awards the prize for activities having potential to improve user quality of services and state administration´s web sites. This year, the BRISK prize went to SLF for improving electronic state services and consistent implementation of ID-SK on the Fund´s web sites.

We are proud that Millennium is the first IT company in Slovakia which have delivered a project to  a state organization following the ID-SK design manual to every detail, which as well has been fully integrated with the Central Portal of State Administration.

What advantages has the applicant gained?

  • Electronic communication between the applicant and SLF – submission of the application without the need of manual sending.
  • Using eID – elimination of the need to notarize the application and send it via a post office.
  • Streamlined and faster submission of the application from home.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly environment.
  • Reduced number of fields in the form and number of attachments necessary for submission of the application.

What other benefits has the digitization of the applications introduced?

  • Automation of the process of submitting the applications – without the need of additional manual check from the SLF´s side.
  • Digital and secured processing of the applications – logging in into the services of electronic submission via the ID card with the electronic chip (eID).
  • Interconnection of the service with the Central Portal of the State Administration and other third parties´ registers.
  • Unified structure of individual forms.

We have built the new solution on the innovative content management system Orchard Core and Microsoft SQL Server database system. We are going to continue to cooperate with SLF on the digital transformation of the organization and we will inform you about its further development.

If you are looking for a solution that would streamline your business processes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and design an optimal solution.

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