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8. August 2022

We Looked at the Way How the Slovak and Czech Companies Deal with Digitization

Digitization moves the world. It is not a new trend but a standard significantly influencing business. We know that digital transformation should play an important role in each organization which wants to thrive. But how does it look in reality? We were curious about how the Slovak and Czech companies manage digitization of company processes, so we have carried out a survey mapping current situation together with Brand Brothers, a research agency.

The survey was carried out on a sample of 300 Czech and 200 Slovak major companies the business of which does not include IT or finances. At the same time their turnover was more than 500 million Czech Crowns, or 10 million EUR, and they employed more than 200 employees, in some cases more than 150. The survey was responded by the companies´ CIOs and CTOs.

We have found out that 90% of the Czech companies and 88% of the Slovak companies deal with digitization of their internal processes. Among the digitized internal processes, there are mainly documents, contracts, requests, and office management. On the contrary, more than 60% of more complex processes are still dealt with via e-mail communication or in the paper form, while simpler processes are more than 50% digitized in both countries.

What have the companies had already digitized?

When it comes to more complex processes, Slovakia lags behind the Czech Republic twice. “There are several reasons why companies still deal with some processes primarily using e-mails or the paper form. The most frequent reasons are lack of digital strategy, insufficient capacity of internal stuff, and last but not least, necessary resources. Lots of companies just have no idea how to begin when it comes to digitization. We are exactly that type of company which can help them to analyse current processes and prepare their digital strategy”, said Katarína Vydrová, CEO CZ & Enterprise Business Lead in Millennium, a member of the Soitron Group.

According to the outcomes of the survey, problems with automation of documents hold back the digitization in both countries – conversion of paper documents into the digital form together with related issues with ensuring sufficient storage and maintaining their legislative form (security). Besides, there is complexity of company processes and variability of existing systems.

The reasons why companies do not digitize

Conservative vs. modern progressive companies

It is widely known that companies which tend to be more conservative are less open to changes than modern progressive companies. Their willingness to invest their time and financial resources in development is many times smaller. “Although they do not lose their business due to their incorrectly set up processes, effective process could help them to gain new customers more easily. Obsolete processes cause stagnation”, stated Katarína Vydrová.

Better processes in a short time

Nowadays, project implementation does not have to last several months. Using agile approach and Microsoft platforms, a solution can be delivered in a relatively short time. “From our point of view, companies should not hesitate and start to digitize their process as soon as it gets”, Katarína Vydrová summarized the outcomes of the survey.

If you are interested in how some of the Czech and Slovak companies have approached digitization, download the PDF. You can find out more about the outcomes of the survey.

If you are looking for a solution that would streamline your business processes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and design an optimal solution.

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