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31. March 2021

We Strengthen our Brand!

We have changed our style, but it´s still us! Millennium brand update follows our new company strategy defined last summer. The new design promotes natural development of our company direction. It has been transferred into all our materials and supported by a new web site as well.

The last update of our web site was carried out in 2016. Since then, multiple experiences have changed our perception of business. At the same time, last year was our 20th anniversary being on the market, what made us re-evaluate our vision for upcoming years.

As technologies and processes constantly evolve, customers´ expectations and their requirements on quality evolve as well. As IT professionals helping other companies with their digital transformation, we naturally respond to changes around us. That´s the reason why we have decided to freshen up our brand and unify communication elements throughout all channels.

It does not mean only a nicer web site, but also a remake of the entire Millennium identity, thanks to which we are now closer to our customers.

At the beginning of the whole process, we carried out an internal audit to confirm the way we want to communicate towards our customers, what values do we consider the most important and what is the overall goal of our endeavour.

We Build on the Most Important Element

We left nothing to chance and approached an agency which designed for us a new communication element. It consists of color-coded vertical blocks built into the tagged-together shapes communicating that our services are companies´ missing parts.

Good customer experience when visiting our web site and simple user structure are very important for us. We are happy to provide our services to the leading companies on the Slovak and Czech market. That´s why we decided to use their customer references and delivered projects as the key communication pillars.

They represent for us the most important benchmark of where Millennium has moved over the years.

Today, after having results of several months’ work, we know that our effort has had its foundation. The new design has unified the graphic elements which were gradually losing their attractivity. At the same time we have strengthened our web site transparency, so the visitors can access relevant information immediately or with only couple of clicks.

Besides our web page, you can find the new elements also on Facebook and LinkedIn. Our internal materials used in every day communication with customers have been transformed as well.

We are very happy with our new design. We believe that you will find our modern style appealing, too. 😊

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