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23. March 2020

Termination of support for Windows 7 and Office 2010

At the beginning of this year, support for the Windows 7 has finished and the same awaits the Office 2010 in the autumn. Companies which decide to continue using them will be exposed to security threats. If you are looking for a way how to protect data, find out what could help you.

In case a security error occurs in Windows 7 or Office 2010, the error will not be repaired by Microsoft and can be misused by a third party to gain access to sensitive data.

Microsoft 365, unlike older unsupported versions Windows 7 and Office 2010, offers:

  • regular security updates, helping to protect computers against dangerous viruses and other malwares;
  • technical support (via mobile phone or chat), helping to use applications without any problems;
  • extension of existing functionalities;
  • the newest version of the Windows operation system and Office package.

Microsoft 365 combines Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Today modern work environment opportunities go beyond regular meetings, cooperation and communication as we now it. Intelligent security of Microsoft 365 services protects all communication and sensitive customer-related data… Technologies for data protection help to ensure that important data stay safe and are available only to authorized persons by default.” Microsoft

Koniec podpory pre Windows 7 a Office 365

What are the advantages of Microsoft 365?

  • costs reduction – employees gain a solution enabling to reach higher productivity. High-quality security significantly reduces of IT costs;
  • constant system security – thanks to the Windows Defender antivirus built directly in Windows 10, there´s no need to install an antivirus system from an external provider;
  • using the applications on up to five devices – selected licenses enable to install Microsoft 365 together to five desktops or MacBooks and tablets or cell phones, so you will have all important data at hand regardless what device are you using at the moment;
  • more effective company collaboration – Microsoft Teams, a centre for team collaboration, connects conversation, content, people and tools, what offers immediate access to everything needed for your team;
  • the latest versions of applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher for Windows or Mac;
  • online storage of files – you will get 1 024 GB of cloud storage in OneDrive for editing and sharing files, pictures and other files from anywhere and from any of your devices;
  • increased protection of company e-mails – your electronic mailbox in Outlook with 50 GB capacity with a possibility to sent attachments sized up to 150 MB will be protected by the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service against malwares and viruses which could endanger its safety. Cyber protection functionalities examine attachments and various links on web pages and redirect everything suspicious into special environment where ATP uses various machine learning techniques and analyses to detect harmful risks. If a suspicious activity is detected, it´s automatically eliminated.

An example: An employee has got an e-mail with a link on a web page, which goal is to simulate log in to the Office 365 environment and steal his/her log in data. The Safe Links function detects harmful link and blocks dangerous activities. If you want to protect your company against such situations, you should think about a way how to protect your sensitive data.

6-month free offer for the Office 365 E1 package

In connection with the latest information regarding the COVID-19 disease, Microsoft has decided to provide free access to Office 365 E1 for 6 months. Microsoft promotes remote cooperation, that´s the reason why the package can be used by companies currently without Microsoft Teams licenses.

In Office 365 E1 you can find:

  • a centre for teamwork – work teams can be easily interconnected via the Microsoft Teams application;
  • Office package in tablets and smart phones – web versions of the Office package applications for devices with the iOS, Android and Windows operation systems. Every user can install Office applications to up to 5 tablets and 5 smart phones;
  • e-mail and calendars;
  • storing and sharing files – via OneDrive for Business, you will get cloud storage for personal files with access from anywhere and from any device;
  • 5-level protection and monitoring thanks to which your data are safeí;
  • and others.

Office 365 E1-01

Microsoft cares about individuals and people in the education system, who can get immediate access to Teams as well.

I you are interested in increasing security of your company data due to termination of Windows 7 and Office 2010 support, we will gladly help you with a free consultation. Subsequently, based on your business requirements, we create for you a Microsoft 365 implementation plan including such activities as migration of e-mails into Office365, configuration of the Microsoft Teams for collaboration, setting of OneDrive document storage and many others.

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