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14. October 2020

What other areas can be made more effective thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics 365?

A CRM solution can make sales and marketing activities as well as other ones more effective. This comprehensive tool from Microsoft helps, for example, to manage service technicians in the field or human resources agenda.

In previous articles, we have introduced you how can be, thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics 365, managed everyday activities of large, medium as well as small companies.  One of the most significant advantages of the Dynamics 365 is its simple adjusting to the needs of various companies no matter of size and area of operation.

Let´s take a look together at what other selected areas can be covered by Microsoft services.

Reduced costs and increased quality of services thanks to the Field Service

Higher profit of your company does not depend only on reliable employees and high demand from the customer side. To push your business forward, you need something more.

You surely require from your service technicians to work effectively, quickly and to provide high-quality work the customer would maximally appreciate. However, not everything is in their hands. They often do not manage without helpers in the form of modern IT solutions.

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can reach required outcomes – improve management of the field workers and reduce standard expenses related to the operation of the company. From the very beginning, the Field Service can bring you increased productivity of employees and customer satisfaction.


The main benefits of the Field Service are:

  • planning of expenses – you are just a couple of clicks from planning a schedule of service interventions in the field according to current availability of technicians;
  • up-to-date information – service technicians have their work schedule at hand directly in the application, so before their arrival at work they know, for instance: routes of interventions, type of interventions, what components will they need, estimated length of a service act, detailed information about customers and many more;
  • detailed overview – thanks to the GPS locator, it´s possible to track current location of the service technicians, so the dispatcher now how to optimize the routes during the day and set priority to the given tasks;
  • simple integration –  Field Service is simply connectible with other existing Office 365 applications. It can be deployed on all mobile platforms;
  • nonstop access to data – you guarantee service technicians unlimited access to customer data no matter where they are. The data are available in the online as well as offline regime;
  • remote service – a data analysis about devices often helps to recognize a forthcoming accident before it really happens thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors. Thanks to this, lots of potential problems can be solved remotely without the need to visit a customer.

Outcomes of a study prove that up to 42% of the companies providing services in the field will prefer effective management of workforce in the next year. Among the most important reasons were stated increase of profit, customer satisfaction and reduced costs of services.

Improve human resources management by implementation of a Microsoft solution

The main priorities of the HR department are selection of the right candidates, their development and motivation. Nowadays, when there are more and more positions on the market, it´s necessary to pay attention to employees´ needs and strengthen their loyalty to their employer. You can reach out to a toll from Microsoft which can cover the entire “life cycle of an employee”.

HR Dynamics

The solution for administration of HR activities will provide you with the following advantages:

Effective management of the HR Strategy

  • automation of administrative and routine tasks (e.g. announcing of holiday or absence from other reasons);
  • a 360-degree view on employees;
  • a tool for analyzing human resources;
  • simple navigation in compliance with global regulation
  • ensuring personal data protection.

Planning of the first day at new work

  • invitation of a new member of the team by a personalized onboarding, which helps to his or her orientation in the work environment and quickens administration process;
  • access to relevant documents, videos, trainings, courses, work flows and tips, information about the company, corporate culture or organizational structure;
  • effectively set goals and a task list.

Development of employees

  • a tool providing an overview of education and development of employees;
  • a list of all trainings and certifications;
  • update of employees´ career profiles.

Motivation of employees

  • an overview of employees´ performance, feedback on their work, set goals and their continuous accomplishment in real time via transparent dashboards;
  • ensuring regular feedback on work performance;
  • recognizing the most efficient employees;
  • a tool for teamwork evaluation.

Searching for qualified candidates

  • a 360-degree view on candidates´ profiles;
  • sharing information on candidates with the HR team directly in the Dynamics 365 Human Resources environment;
  • searching for suitable candidates by adding the LinkedIn Talent solution;
  • using of assessment tools;
  • higher quality candidates selection thanks to the predictive analytics;
  • coordination of calendars and automation of the interview-planning process;
  • access to data from anywhere and from any device.

Interconnection with other systems

  • the possibility of simple adjustment and extension of the Dynamics 365 Human Resources via the Microsoft Power Platform;
  • interconnection with the Microsoft Power BI to visualize all reports related to human resources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution able to cover a significant part of your business what will make you prosper.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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