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8. March 2018

What´s ahead for us in 2018?

All our Czech and Slovak colleagues met at the yearly Kick-off at our favourite spot in Častá – Papiernička. Together we looked at the course of the year 2017 and introduced the plans and ambitions for the year 2018.

Review of the year 2017

The year 2017 was a breakthrough for us, since we became a part of Soitron Group, an international IT group. Incorporation into this group offers us a variety of possibilities for development and collaboration, mostly a chance to enter foreign markets where Soitron Group already operates.

Millennium je členom Soitron Group

However, the greatest pleasure for us was caused by the news from the Czech Republic, where the gross margin of Millennium grew by beautiful 73%. The most significant accelerator of growth was our engagement in CRM in the financial sector. Our Czech colleagues were solemnly announced that “they are not a start-up anymore, but a company”. Thanks to this success, we were able to diversify our incomes – 33% of our gross margin is generated outside the Slovak Republic.

The year 2017 was very significant for us also from the human resources point of view – we achieved the highest head count in the company´s history.

What will the year 2018 bring us?

We have the ambition to grow in the year 2018 as well. Historically, we have been the most active mainly in the financial segment, where our domain is loan management and CRM solutions. We believe that also other business areas are prepared for our services. After the successful deployment of the CRM for Heineken Slovakia, which became the first FMCG company with the CRM in Cloud, we have decided to focus on retail and establish ourselves in this field as well.

We feel at home in the Slovak and Czech markets, but thanks to the partnership with Soitron Group, we have decided to go for a new adventure – we actively enter the Romanian market. Our local partner is the Romanian company Datanet, another member of our IT group.

However, not everything is about projects. We are placing more and more emphasis on the satisfaction of our employees. We try to ensure it by a variety of benefits with the aim to please our employees and provide them with the necessary work-life balance.

This year, we added probably the most interesting and unique benefit – a company apartment on the Mediterranean coastline. We believe that it´s much easier to find motivation and joy of work sunbathing on a beautiful beach.

The breath-taking end of the Kick-off

Entering a new market or a company villa by the sea – it´s all very positive and we are glad that we are successful. But we want to stand as an example and point out the fact that it´s necessary to spread enlightenment ideas, help others and be happy for what we have got.

Were we so close to meet the yearly plan? Did we fail in a competition? Weren´t we able to finish a project on time? Those are important things in a company´s life, however, in real life it can be nothing but a mere triviality. Like our Serbian partners say – “Everything you can by with money is cheap”. The right values are usually somewhere else. Probably everybody realized that during the last presentation at the Kick-off introduced by the well-known documentarist and photographer, Juraj Mravec Jr.

His presentation on the fight for the Iraqi Mosul took our breath away. He showed us an environment where a human being is thankful just for the fact he or she is still alive. And all of this happens just four hours by plane from Bratislava.

zdroj: Juraj Mravec

What he said to us opened our eyes and affected us so much, that we have decided to support his film about the fight in Mosul both within the company and privately. We believe that this message will spread further. If you want to take part in the change and support this spectacular project, do not hesitate and contact directly Juraj Mravec.

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