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6. February 2018

3 must-have tools to increase your sales efforts

You can easily maximize the sales effort in your company by setting an effective sales strategy and selecting the right combination of tools in digital environment. It is of course up to you what sales strategy you choose, however, we would like to introduce you three must-have tools, which will help you to build long-term relationships with customers and make your sales activities more efficient.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a term which has been more and more used in last couple of months and it has been linked mostly with modernization and an upgrade to more efficient integrated solutions in digital environment. 
Process of digital transformation

Top and middle management considers it to be a company´s necessary and positive step forward, while employees, on the other hand, see a possibility to improve and automate sales processes and communication. However, such transformation offers much more – not only company environment modernization, but most of all the change of ways how we identify our customers, how we reach them and how we communicate with them.

By setting the effective business strategy and selecting proper combination of tools in digital environment, the maximization of sales effort is possible in every company.

What are these 3 must-have tools that build long-term relationships with customers and make sales activities more effective? Here is the answer.

3 must-have sales nástroje

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Even today, a lot of  companies still use a clumsy “system” for relationship management, also known as Excel. The most important information about the customers is written down and circulates around a company in confusing tables in several working versions and without any predictive analytics.

On the contrary, the sales management system, which is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution, promotes the predictive analysis that helps to achieve better sales results, improves customer relationships from the long-term perspective and ensures revenue growth.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your sales department:

  • Salesmen have a 360° view on individual customers as well as an overview of all customer data and business activities
  • Managers can monitor business goals, outcomes and set KPIs that are depicted in transparent graphic images
  • Gathers all important sales and business data into one centralized system (information like leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, invoices, contractual documentation, sales activities, etc.)
  • Builds customer trust thanks to more personalized interactions focused directly on the customer´s needs
  • Helps identify high-quality leads and work with them
  • Enables quick reactions to purchase intentions or customer inputs
  • Thanks to cloud, the solution is available everywhere, anytime and from any device

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In June 2016, Microsoft bought the LinkedIn social network and had big plans with it – to interconnect this professional platform with its own solutions and make the most of the both solutions by their integration.

The LinkedIn network contains the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a sales tool designed for sales representatives and managers, which enables them to narrowly target potential customers, work with contacts and build or retain business relationships with them.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your sales department:

  • The tool offers extended, narrowly definable search (e.g. to search CEOs in manufacturing companies with 300-600 employees)
  • Automatically recommends new potential customers to reach
  • Enables smooth integration with Dynamics 365
  • Updates business activities in real time
  • Helps build trust and long-term relationships with customers

Microsoft Office 365

The last tool that may help you to increase your sales efforts is the well-known Microsoft Office 365, which is nowaday a part of almost every company. However, just a few of them use the full potential of this solution, which is the one of the basic tools for building business relationships and collaboration – anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Microsoft Office 365

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for your sales department:

  • Offers mobility to salesmen thanks to the cloud solution
  • Makes collaboration, communication and sharing files more effective – not only with customers, but also among the co-workers
  • Ensures the highest possible level of data protection
  • Enables creation and sharing of interactively, intuitively and graphically displayed dashboards and KPI indicators via PowerBI

Today, the upper mentioned tools should belong to obligatory equipment of a highly skilled salesman or a business manager. By using them in parallel, companies can effectively maximize their sales effort, and what is even more important from the strategic point of view, they can build long-term relationships with customers and improve their positive image.

Author: Michaela Magátová

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