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CRM systém na riadenie vzťahov so zákazníkmi

CRM system | All important customer data in one place 

CRM (a tool for customer relationship management) is becoming more and more the important part of every company. It provides effective automation of business processes. It can help your company get more clients and create tailor-made services for the existing ones. 

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How can the CRM system help?

360° view on a client

  • General and contact data
  • Social and demographical data
  • Customer hierarchy
  • Products, contracts, activities
  • Communication history
  • Social Insight

Productivity of sales representatives

  • Business agenda of a sales representative
  • Manažment obchodných aktivít
  • Mobile access to data via mobile phone or tablet
  • Automatic integration with Outlook

Management of business opportunities

  • Managed or unmanaged business activities
  • Management of business cases
  • Registration of potential customers
  • Approval and business processes
  • Contractual documentation

Sales reporting

  • Sales reporting according to various criteria
  • Tracking set KPIs
  • Managerial insight on data
  • Connection to Power BI and DWH

Marketing campaigns

  • Marketing client lists according to set criteria
  • Approaching clients via email, phone calls or SMS
  • Automation of campaign processes
  • Tracking and evaluation of campaigns

Lead collecting

  • Web forms and landing pages
  • Web content personalisation according to the client´s profile
  • Nurturing of leads

E-mail marketing

  • An intuitive editor for the design of e-mail templates
  • Automation of sending e-mails
  • Testing the e-mail display before its sending off
  • Creation of dynamic content (sending different contents to different recipients)

Receiving feedback

  • Surveys
  • A/B e-mail testing
  • Web analytics / tracking
  • Scoring of leads
  • Reporting

Agent´s 360-degree view on a client

  • General and contact data
  • Social and demographic data
  • Customer hierarchy
  • Products, contracts, activities
  • Communication history

Knowledge Management

  • Management of complaints, suggestions or requirements received
  • Processing, workflow, escalation
  • Knowledge Base
  • Product documentation

Connecting to call center

  • Automated tracking of in-bound and out-bound communication in CRM in the context of the client
  • Unified Service Desk – unified user interface for agents

Reporting of customer service

  • Reporting of customer service according to various criteria
  • Tracking set KPIs
  • Managerial insight on data
  • Connection to Power BI and DWH

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | CRM solution for Middle and Large Enterprises

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a unified platform for mutually connected business applications covering comprehensive business processes and needs. The annex “365” in its title is not accidental and Microsoft clearly implies its complementarity and connection with the product line Office 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service and Marketing are CRM modules suitable mainly for medium and large companies, which need to manage all the key company processes and require significant system customization according to their business needs.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales


Creatio | CRM Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Companies


Studio Creatio represents a modern CRM system covering key activities of sales, marketing and customer service management. Advanced functionalities are complemented by a tool for business process management which is adjustable by companies themselves without any programming. Thanks to the lower costs on implementation and operation, Sales modules, Service and Marketing are suitable mainly for smaller and medium companies.

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Advantages of CRM solution

The client at the center of interest

360-stupňový pohľad na zákazníkov vďaka Microsoft Dynamics 365

A 360-degree view on the client and its data in one place.



Online as well as offline availability whenever and from any electronic device.



Costs optimization, scalability of the solution and quick deployment.

Customers satisfied with our solutions